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Foodie Penpals October 2013
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Through the magic of the Twitterverse I learned about Foodie Penpals. Foodie Penpals started in the US and the lovely Carol Anne a.k.a. @ThisIsRockSalt took the initiative to start one up for the UK/Europe. Foodie Penpals is a great way to meet bloggers, blog readers, and discover new foodie products.

October was my first month. I sent a parcel to Claire at Clairey Fairy’s Cooking and you can read what she thought about the parcel I sent to her on her blog here.

Before I sent Claire her parcel, we exchanged a few emails so I could learn more about her foodie tastes. As she predominately likes to bake, I decided to send 2 dessert items and something I thought would be new for her to experiment with.

My parcel was from Inga in Lithuania. Well I couldn’t imagine what would be in my parcel! I basically told Inga that I love everything. As I do not know food from Lithuania, I did not want to put any limitations on her and miss a foodie gem.

Wheat Biscuits, Warming Herbal Tea and Gooseberry Jam from Foodie Penpals

Wheat Biscuits, Warming Herbal Tea and Gooseberry Jam

What a parcel I received. Inga said the items she posted represented autumn in Lithuania: A small jar of Honey from her uncle who keeps bees in his garden, warming herb tea, gooseberry jam and wheat biscuits, cinnamon biscuits, chocolate drops, and dried bay boletus mushrooms.

Foodie Penpal Inga sent Home Produced Honey, Dried Bay Boletus Mushrooms, Chocolate Drops and  Cinnamon Biscuits.

Home Produced Honey, Dried Bay Boletus Mushrooms, Chocolate Drops and Cinnamon Biscuits.

I will certainly enjoy the treasures of my parcel and looking forward to finding out who my Food Penpal is for November!

If you live in the UK/Europe and would like to join Foodie Penpals then full details are on the This Is Rock Salt blog, just click here.

3 Responses to “Foodie Penpals October 2013”

  1. Hey Mark, I recall a different kind of food exchange. When Carol was in Israel she had me bring over salt fish. The stuff stunk up my luggage for days.

    When I was living in Munich I went to an English language movie theater. German theaters are quite hospitable, having a coffee shop in the lobby. My kids had just visited and brought over my fav snack: fig newtons. So I sat in the lobby and shared a table with someone while I enjoyed my newtons and a cappuccino. That someone stared at my newtons with a longing that shouted, “FIG NEWTONS!! Holy sh!t, I haven’t had them in years. God, I wish I were home.” Of course I shared and I swear she started crying.

  2. Once again Carol – I am truly happy you’ve enjoyed it so much!
    And hope it really brightened your day 🙂

    It is actually a real fun to receive something (as my parcel came from Greece) but I was more thrilled while gathering all the goods for you – it’s an exercise that requires great piece of imagination! 🙂

    Wish your November parcel to smell as nice as upcoming Christmas time… 😉

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