Nov 19

Picture of Sea Island Coffee TinSo we’ve all heard of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, haven’t we? Traditionally grown at elevations between 900 and 1700m in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica (obviously) it has gained a reputation for being one of the most expensive and sort after coffees in the world.

So what’s this RSW Estate Peaberry stuff then? Okay so let’s do the Peaberry bit first. Nearly all coffee beans split into two halves as they mature. This pair of flat shaped beans is the typical coffee bean. However, some don’t split and grow to form a single rounded bean in the shape of a pea, hence ‘peaberry’.

Now the number of beans that mature this way is very small and so the peaberry beans only make up around 5% of the coffee crop. Experts disagree as to why the peaberry appears to produce a superior cup. Some say that there are more nutrients in a single bean whilst others state that the rounded shape offers advantages during roasting. Whatever the truth just know that we have the creme de la creme of Jamaican Blue Mountain here.

Yeah but what about the RSW Estate stuff? Well whilst this is a 100% Arabica, it is produced by three of the oldest coffee farming families, namely the Langfords, Diekmans & Allgroves, on three estates; Resource, Sherwood Forest and Whitfield Hall. Hence the RSW.

Map of Jamaica

Blue Mountain Region of Jamaica

Right, enough questions and enough explanations, let’s get a brew going!

Opening the packet of Jamaican Blue Mountain RSW Estate Peaberry from Sea Island Coffee was, if I’m honest, a little disappointing as there was little to tickle the olfactory organs. However, I was soon to learn that this rare Peaberry bean is too clever to give of it’s secrets to the air, preferring to hold on to them until they can be released into the steamy depths of hot water.

When I tried Sea Island’s Geisha Coffee a while back I discovered I needed an extra scoop, that is certainly not the case with the Peaberry. This produces an intense coffee, dark, rich and full of flavour. For me the best flavour came a few minutes after pouring when the temperature had dropped a few degrees.

Despite the intensity of flavour there is no bitterness here at all. In fact I think this is one of the smoothest coffees I’ve tried, with lovely chocolatey notes that develop into a complex smokiness on the palate. Little wonder that it won a gold star at this years Great Taste Awards.

If you can get past the price (£16 for 125g bag) you’ll find a coffee with an excellent balance, a long smooth finish and a complexity of flavour. All in all an exceptional coffee.

Jamaican Blue Mountain RSW Estate Peaberry is available from:-

Sea Island Coffee
111a Walton Street
London, SW2 2HP
United Kingdom

Tel: 020 7584 7545

My sample of  Jamaican Blue Mountain RSW Estate Peaberry Coffee was provided free of charge by Sea Island Coffee.





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  1. Is this whole bean or did it come ground? What was the brew method? Water temp? Grind? Bean-heads need to know!!!

  2. Hi. It came ground so I brewed in my cafetiere (french press). Boiled water and then left for a few moments so I’d guess about 95c from past experience. Drunk straight, no milk or sugar.

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