Feb 28
Picture of Beverly Reed

Beverly Reed

I’ve always been of the opinion if you want to do something well you should learn from an expert.

So when I decided that I’d like to learn a bit more about making patisserie there was no better class to attend than one run by Beverly Reed.

Beverly began her love affair with food after leaving catering college and making a false start as a waitress in a Harrogate Forte Hotel. She returned to the kitchen and spent several years building up a dizzying CV, which included spells as a pâtissier at Claridges in London and Michelin starred restaurants at Château de Montreuil in France, Stuckis and Der Walserhof in Switzerland and L’Ortolan near Reading.

On my first course with Bev we learned how to make macaroons, scones and Gâteau Basque. This is the classic Basque dessert. It has a crunchy tart-like exterior and a soft filling. Typically Gâteau Basque is constructed from layers of an almond flour based cake with a filling of pastry cream (crème pâtissière).

Picture of a Gateau Basque

Gateau Basque

Everything we made that day tasted fabulous and we found Bev to a great teacher, making the complicated seem simple and with bags of patience (which she really needed).

So much did we enjoy our day of baking that we enrolled again for Bev’s next class. This time we made a Tarte Belle-Hélène, basically a chocolate and pear tart. It was absolutely stunning!

Picture of Tarte Belle-Hélène

Tarte Belle-Hélène

Beverly has recently expanded her cooking classes and is now running additional classes at Haberdashers School for Girls in Monmouth. So if you want to learn to patisserie from a real expert sign up for one of her classes now, but be quick places are selling fast.

Upcoming Patisserie Classes with spaces.

11th March, 6-9pm
Baked White Chocolate & Hazelnut Cheesecake

18th March, 6-9pm
Seasonal Panna cotta with Biscotti

6th May, 6-9pm
Strawberry Shortcake

Courses cost only £30 each. What a bargain!

For more info or to book on any of the above courses please contact Beverly on 01633 897550
email: bev@creativefood.co.uk
or visit: creativefood.co.uk

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