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A New Adventure for Corpulent Capers
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Mark and Carol of Corpulent Capers are embarking on a new adventure, a Food Adventure!

As you know we are so passionate about locally produced, seasonal, fresh food that we have been blogging about it for several years and now we want to share our experiences with you.

Local, seasonal, organic vegetables

Local, seasonal, organic vegetables

So what is Food Adventure? Food Adventure is all about food, fun, and adventure. Discover places, faces, plates and spaces as you go behind the scenes to meet some of Wales’ most talented food & drink producers, farmers and chefs.

Picture of an Oxford Sandy & Black Pig

An Oxford Sandy & Black Pig

Our unique tours may include a visit to a farm to meet a farmer passionate about his livestock and who is producing top quality meat, or a visit to one of Wales’ award winning vineyards. Maybe a day out foraging and then a sumptuous lunch, featuring foraged foods, tickles your fancy? We are working with some of Wales’ finest chefs and food producers who will give cooking demonstrations or hands on classes. A Food Adventure day out will showcase some of the best restaurants, farmers, and food & drink producers in South and Mid Wales.

Picture of cows being milked

Milking Time At The Farm

We are really excited about Food Adventure and will share more about our tours and the producers we work with over the next few weeks.

Picture of pan roasted red mullet

Pan Roasted Red Mullet, with Creamed Leeks, Lobster Bonbon and Lobster Sauce

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Fun Fact:

Mark was a judge for the True Taste of Wales awards and will be a Great Taste Awards judge this year. Carol was a Director of the International Wine and Food Society of the Bahamas and led culinary tours from the Bahamas to New Orleans.


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  1. I love the sound of the foraging day out. I’ve always wanted to forage but it’s not something I’d feel comfortable enough to do alone so I’d love to do that as a group. Your new venture sounds great! Best of luck to you both.

  2. Your new venture sounds wonderful. What a great idea! I may well join you in some foraging but, in the meantime, wish you both all the very best with Food Adventure.

  3. Congratulations to both of you! Maybe one day we can get a group together from The Bahamas to go on a Food Adventure!

  4. what a scrumptious delectable adventure indeed !
    Heartiest(& may i say now hungriest) congratulations….

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