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The Nantyffin Cider Mill
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Nantyffin Cider Mill

Nantyffin Cider Mill

It’s not the first time I’ve been to the Nantyffin Cider Mill, a shocking pink structure on the A40 just outside Crickhowell that can trace its history back to the 16th century. It is, however, the first time I’ve had Sunday lunch there, but Mrs A had declared the kitchen a no go zone that weekend so off we went.

We chose to eat in the restaurant, an old converted apple store, over the cosier bar as it’s such a nice room. Split over two levels, the lower with its large central mill wheel,  it benefits from exposed beams and a high ceiling that give it an airier feel than one might expect.  Settling down to the menu, I chose the Greek Mezze Plate as a starter – Lamb kebabs with just a nice “bite” to them accompanied by a lovely fresh tasting Greek Salad and pitta bread. Mrs A loved the Grilled Goats Cheese and Caramelised Onions served on a toasted crumpet.

We both opted for the Roast Rump of Welsh Beef for main, served pink with roast potatoes and a light but crispy Yorkshire pudding. We split a side of Cauliflower florets in tempura batter with grated parmesan.   The beef was excellent with bags of taste, nothing like those wafer thin slivers of overcooked leather you can so often find on your Sunday pub lunch plate.  No, this was prime locally sourced beef and proud of it.

After a suitable period of “umming and ahhing”, fooling no one but ourselves we did what we always knew we would and ordered dessert, or as the menu traditionally puts it “pudding”.

Mrs A, not normally a lover of such things, decided that the whole lunch had been “so British” that she had no Triflechoice but to continue the theme with a Fruits of the Forest Trifle.  I on the other hand was drawn to the Homemade apple and cinnamon oat top crumble.  Mrs A’s trifle lifted itself way above the sherry flavouring and soggy angel fingers of the supermarket trifle to deliver a lovely combination of summer flavours.

How I wish I could say the same of the Crumble. If was, for me, a disappointment.  I had ordered it with cream although my first mouthful was without.  It was certainly “oaty” but the consistency of the oats made it more of a ‘chew’ than a crunchy topped crumble. A generous pouring of cream failed to improve matters and I simply gave up as it was so not to my taste.  The staff were most upset that I didn’t like it and offered to exchange it for something else without any prompting from me, but I decided to do my waistline a favour and we just settled for a coffee.

CrumbleOverall this was a very good lunch. We will certainly go back again; I just won’t order the crumble next time!  Some I’m sure would appreciate its oatiness, I’m just not one of them and it would probably work better with the custard for those that want to try.

For the quality of the food I thought it was very reasonably priced at 1 course for £11.00, 2 courses for £15.50 or 3 courses for £19.50.

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