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Welsh Cakes By Post
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My friend Eironwy suggested that I try the Welsh Cakes made by J & L Occasional Cakes in Swansea. “They are as good as homemade”, she said. And Eironwy was right. For those of you who have never had a Welsh Cake, I will attempt to describe them. I think they are the perfect treat to have with your afternoon cup of tea or coffee. I would say that they are cousins to a scone. The main differences are that instead of baking them in an oven, they are traditionally cooked on a baking stone or griddle. This gives them a golden brown outer crust but the inside is lovely and soft. You use less milk in the batter and Welsh Cakes are thinner than scones.

Picture of a plate of Welsh Cakes

J & L Traditional Welsh Cakes

J & L was started by two Friends, Jacqui and Liz, with a passion for baking. They started by making celebration cakes for all occasions and Welsh Cakes as favours for weddings. Their Welsh Cakes proved to be so popular that they decided to launch their ‘Welsh Cakes by Post’ service at the Gorseinon Food Festival in 2012. Their Welsh Cakes are packaged so that they fit through a letterbox so you don’t even have to be home for the delivery!

Picture of Letter Boxed Sized Package

Letter Boxed Sized Package

J & L make traditional Welsh Cakes and some with some swagger! All of their Welsh Cakes are cooked by the traditional method on co-owners Liz’s grandmother’s bake stone using Welsh ingredients, including Welsh butter and local free range eggs. I tried their traditional Welsh Cakes as well as the butterscotch and fudge, the coconut and milk chocolate, and also their chocolate and orange. Their Welsh Cakes are beautifully golden brown on the outside, have a wonderful crumb and lovely flavour. I highly recommend them.

Picture of Welsh Cakes

Golden Brown on outside with a lovely soft middle

J & L have kindly offered to give 1 box of 18 Welsh Cakes away to one lucky reader. So we are holding a giveaway! To enter, all you need to do is suggest a new flavour for their Welsh Cakes. Full details are below.


The nice people at J & L Occasional Cakes have promised a box of 18 Welsh Cakes to give away to the reader of this blog, who comes up with what they consider to be the best suggestion for a new Welsh Cake flavour.


Simply leave a comment below, telling us what flavour of Welsh Cakes you would like J & L to create next.


  • The deadline for entries is 6.00pm GMT Sunday 27th October 2013.
  • The competition is open to U.K. residents only, sorry.
  • The winners will be selected from all valid entries.
  • The editor’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into
  • Entry instructions form part of the terms and conditions.
  • The prize is one pack of 18 Traditional Welsh Cakes, as shown above, and includes free delivery anywhere in the UK.
  • The prize cannot be redeemed for a cash value.
  • The prize is offered and provided by J & L Occasional Cakes.
  • Where prizes are to be provided by a third party, Corpulent Capers accepts no responsibility for the acts or defaults of that third party.
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Corpulent Capers received review samples from J & L Occasional Cakes.

J & L Occasional Cakes

Tel: 077196306976Tel: 07718316958
E: jloccasionalcakes@gmail.comy

The competition is now closed. The winner will be notified shortly.


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325 Responses to “Welsh Cakes By Post”

  1. Apple, walnut & stilton.

  2. Date & Walnut

  3. Amaretto and Orange Zest

  4. Ginger and orange would be nice

  5. Cheese.

  6. Pecan nuts & Caramel

  7. peanut butter welsh cakes

  8. Cranberry with white chocolate

  9. Sorry Lynsey we already do White Chocolate + Cranberry checkout our web site http://www.jloccasionalcakes.co.uk

  10. Cinnamon and apple

  11. Date and sultana.

  12. Cranberries and pecan nuts – very Christmassy!

  13. Cinnamon would be lovely.

  14. Pecan nuts and Caramel…Please

  15. Orange and cardamom

  16. Lemon and lime


  18. my suggestion for a new flavour would be;
    lavender and honey

  19. Coffee and walnut

  20. White Chocolate and Hazelnut

  21. Rum and raisin 🙂

  22. Just love my plain my aunty in Wales use to make these for me when a child

  23. Hi Claire. Check out our website. You can order homemade welshcakes just like mamgu’s x

  24. Chocolate orange 🙂

  25. Hi We already do Chocolate + Orange check out our Web site http://www.jloccasionalcakes.co.uk

  26. How about Honeycomb?

  27. cinnamon and sultana

  28. Ginger and raisin

  29. Cakes by post – My favorite

    I would love chilli and chocolate

  30. wild fig and vanilla

  31. Hmmm, I’d love to try rosemary and lemon Welsh cakes!

  32. rum and raisin

  33. Cranberry and white chocolate

  34. Cherry and almond

  35. Chocolate chip and raisin

  36. Welsh cakes are lovely – I make White Chocolate and dried cranberry ones at Christmas rather than mince pies and they are amazing.

  37. Sultana and Lemom

  38. Blueberry and apple.

  39. Cherry

  40. Ginger

  41. I’d love to try cinnamon, honey and raison 🙂

  42. raspberry and almond

  43. chocolate

  44. New flavour blueberry.

    I would like to try the chocolate and orange, sounds yummy.

  45. Hi Linda They are very yummy and very popular. Check out our website for our other flavours


  47. Lemon and sultana

  48. lemon flavor

  49. Fig and date 🙂

  50. white chocolate and cranberry! simply scrummy x

  51. Leek! Ok just joking – my best friend is Welsh and would kill me for that one! How about cream cheese and Maple syrup

  52. Lemon and ginger

  53. Hmmm, how about gooseberry and rosemary (have made a crumble with this and it works really well!)

  54. Cheese and Port

  55. Pecan & Maple Syrup

  56. Chocolate and Mint

  57. apple & cheddar

  58. A savory option would be good – cheese and black pepper maybe


  60. Cherry and Amaretto

  61. Coriander and lime would be light and tangy.

  62. Cinnamon and chocolate chip. Mmmmmmmm lovely. Xx

  63. White Chocolate, Raisin and Cranberry

  64. Apple and blackberry

  65. How about spicy fig?

  66. Oooh, date and walnut!

  67. APPLE AND CINNAMON My favourite combination.

  68. Whilst I would love to try some of these amazing variations, I love the originals ones more. Just the smell of them reminds me of summers with my grandmother as she used to make them for me.

  69. Hi Sarah. I know what you mean. The smell just takes me way back. Check out our website for other flavour too…all by post

  70. I think rhubarb and chocolate sounds fabulous 🙂

  71. Apricot and Sultana

  72. Cinnamon and honey x

  73. Rhubarb and Custard

  74. Original please!

  75. Orange and cranberry… Perfect for Christmas.

  76. christmas mince pie flavour

  77. Original why try to improve on perfection!!

  78. pumpkin and mixed spices would be lovely

  79. chocolate chips & orange

  80. Hi Sarah we already do Chocolate + Orange check out our web site. Regards JL

  81. Hi Sarah, We already do Chocolate + Orange check out our web site http://www.jloccasionalcakes.co.uk

  82. Lemon juice and zest to make them zingy

  83. raspberry & chocolate chip

  84. banana and walnut

  85. rhubarb and strawberry

  86. Lemon & Strawberry – I love Welsh cakes, I do!

  87. My gran puts jam in them

  88. Ginger

  89. Apple and walnut sounds divine.

  90. chocolate and orange

  91. Hi Victoria, WE already do Chocolate + Orange have another go. Check out our web site http://www.jloccasionalcakes.co.uk

  92. apple and blackberry with cinnamon

  93. blueberry and lemon

  94. Apple and nutmeg.

  95. peanut butter and chocolate spread

  96. white chocolate and rum

  97. Cinnamon & Apple.or Banana & Apple

  98. Cinnamon, cranberry and orange zest.

  99. almond

  100. I love making cherry and almond scones, so this would be a perfect flavour for me.

  101. chocolate

  102. Hi Carol, Its only one entry – we do Traditional, Butterscoth + Fudge, Coconut + Milk Choclate, Chocolate + Orange and Cranberry + White Chocolate at the moment which of your flavour suggestions do you want to put through ? Checkout our web site http://www.jloccasionalcakes.co.uk. Good Luck Regards JL

  103. peanut

  104. lemon

  105. chocolate and orange

  106. apple

  107. marmalade

  108. cherry

  109. syrup

  110. bacon

  111. cheese and onion

  112. rasberry

  113. banana

  114. choc chip

  115. raisin

  116. melon

  117. pineapple

  118. peach

  119. oat

  120. mixed fruit

  121. mixed spice for xmas

  122. spice mixed for xmas

  123. carrot

  124. pear

  125. Chocolate Orange would be perfect for christmas!

  126. Hi Check out our website. We do Chocolate and orange. They are very popular. x

  127. butter split

  128. cream split

  129. blue berry

  130. Apple and walnuts

  131. Treacle toffee, walnut and sunflower seeds

  132. Toffee and raisin

  133. star anise orange and cranberry

  134. cinnamon and apple

  135. Apple and maple syrup 🙂

  136. Cardamon and orange zest

  137. Chocolate Cherry

  138. welsh cheese and leek would make a tasty savoury version

  139. Bacon & maple syrup

  140. Bannana and custard

  141. Apple and Cinnamon

  142. For a Christmassy flavour, how about brandy butter flavoured?

  143. Orange and Cinnamon ones were my most recent effort, they were yummy but you cannot beat a welsh cake made by someone who knows what they are doing (unlike me)

  144. Glad you had a go making welshcakes. I’m sure they were great. Maybe we should organise a welshcake making workshop!

  145. white chocolate and raspberry

  146. Lemon

  147. Banana

  148. Maple pecan

  149. cinnamon and cranberry

  150. Honey & Cinnamon

  151. Walnut and maple syrup

  152. Zesty orange and cinnamon flavour would be perfect for Christmas 🙂

  153. Dark Chocolate & Pistachio

  154. Chocolate chip and hazelnuts

  155. Cherry and almond

  156. Coffee and Pecan would be amazing

  157. cinnamon & apple

  158. Lemon and sunflower seed

  159. coconut and milk chocolate are my fav

  160. Check out our website. We do Coconut and chocolate. They are the most popular flavour after traditional.

  161. Carp and Sand-Lizard

  162. Well, I’ve tried welsh cakes with raspberry jam in the middle before and they were AMAZING, so I’d like to see them come in all kinds of fruity flavours! Blackcurrant would be amazing!

  163. rhubarb and ginger!

  164. Ginger and Dark Chocolate

  165. I would love to try a coconut and lime welsh cake

  166. Thanks for your interest. We do coconut and chocolate which are very popular. Lime would be interesting.

  167. Strawberry and Chocolate yum yum

  168. dried fig and dried blueberry

  169. Lemon and white chocolate chip

  170. I wonder if a Bara Brith Welsh Cake would work? I love the idea of a fusion of two of Wales most famous foods.
    Basically a Welsh Cake with dried fruit and orange zest, dipped in tea then cooked.
    I would love to try that.

  171. Honey and Lemon

  172. we want splits………….lemon curd

  173. splits lemon curd

  174. toffee

  175. dark chocolate chip

  176. cranberry and white chocolate wowza!

  177. Hi K, We already do Coconut + Chocolate check out our web site http://www.jloccasionalcakes.co.uk and have another go. Regards JL

  178. Bannoffee

  179. Mocha

  180. I would like to see apple and cinnamon Welsh Cakes as a new flavour

  181. Orange and Ginger please

  182. lemon and walnut

  183. I’m all for a savory flavour so Stilton and Walnut

  184. Cinammon and orange 🙂

  185. Cranberry with nuts or white choc

  186. Honey, almond, chocolate & vanilla

  187. maple bacon yum yum

  188. Cinnamon and Chocolate!

  189. Chocolate 🙂

  190. Goat’s Cheese and Sun Dried Tomato

  191. Zingy Lemon and Vanilla

  192. Chocolate and coconut

  193. Hi Liz, we already do Coconut + Chocolate have another go and checkout our web site http://www.jloccasionalcakes.co.uk

  194. Caramelized Onion and crispy bacon.

  195. curry x

  196. date and maple syrup

  197. cinnemon and sultana.

  198. Rhubarb and Ginger

  199. Orange zest and apricot would be delicious x


  201. Goats cheese and caramelised onion

  202. apple and cinnamon

  203. Welsh cheese and chives as I prefer savoury.

  204. either Banoffee Pie, or Caramel with white chocolate 🙂

  205. marzipan

  206. Liquorice and pernod

  207. Chocolate and ginger

  208. strawberry and white chocolate

  209. Hazelnut and Choc

  210. Lemon verbina and cranberry

  211. Bacon and Caramel is winning combination!

  212. quince and honey

  213. Coconut

  214. passionfruit sounds good to me xx

  215. Blackberry

  216. I would love to see rose and white chocolate welshcakes, yum

  217. banana and cinnamon 🙂

  218. How about something Christmassy like cinnamon and orange peel?

  219. Honey and walnut

  220. White Chocolate and Strawberry 🙂

  221. Apple,Cinnamon & walnut

  222. lemon and lime and ginger

  223. welsh stilton apple and pickle

  224. Mince pie – just in time for Christmas!

  225. Blueberry and white chocolate

  226. cheese and onion

  227. corned beef

  228. tined corned beef

  229. Swansea seaweed

  230. seaweed from swansea

  231. potato

  232. garlic

  233. salmon

  234. multi grain

  235. wholemeal

  236. cranberry

  237. tin corned beef

  238. spam

  239. butter

  240. Ginger and orange would be nice

  241. Rasberry cheesecake

  242. Pendryn Whisky and ginger ( I love traditional Welsh Cakes though )

  243. Apple and Cinnamon

  244. honeycomb

  245. Carrot, spice, (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg) and walnut

  246. How about Citrus flavour? Orange,Lemon,Lime & Grapefruit.

  247. I bet custard and apple would be yummy.

  248. cranberry, special for Christmas.
    I don’t think you’ll beat original though!

  249. cinnamon, cranberry and white chocolate yummy

  250. Chocolate orange

  251. something citrussy, lemon or orange perhaps

  252. Juicy Apricot & Saltana Flavour

  253. raspberry and white chocolate

  254. Date and walnut………mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  255. mmm golden syrup ones 🙂

  256. Would it be possible to do a boozy welsh cake?
    There is Welsh vodka and Welsh gin available – and maybe a Baileys one!!! 😉

  257. chocolate orange

  258. toffee

  259. Cinnamon and orange

  260. orange and almond

  261. Welsh honey and almond.

  262. Cheddar & marmite

  263. almond

  264. Apricot and Almond

  265. Mmmm Vanillla and Butterscotch

  266. coffee and walnut

  267. Cherry and almond

  268. salted caramel

  269. Caramel, cinnamon and apple! With love, Faye xx

  270. Rum and Raisin please

  271. Salted caramel

  272. banana and toffee

  273. Pear, pecan and cinnamon

  274. Pistachio

  275. Wye Valley Lavender

  276. Date and Walnut 🙂

  277. Lavender and Earl Gray

  278. An apple crumble flavour would work really well 🙂

  279. Apple and Cinnamon 🙂

  280. I absolutely adore Welsh Cakes, my gran used to make them for me all the time! I would love to see a chocolate chip Welsh Cake, to satisfy the chocoholic in me!

  281. Cheese a strong flavour cheese

  282. Orange

  283. apple , cinnamon and raison

  284. Apple & Cinnamon

  285. Cherry and Amaretto

  286. lemon and ginger


  288. apple and cranberry

  289. Peanut butter

  290. In Turkey we used to have Cinnamon Sugar with pancakes for breakfast.

    For a new welshcake flavour, apple & sultanna and instead of them being sprinkled with ordinary sugar after cooking, would use cinnamon sugar.

  291. I think coconut would be tasty.

  292. Spiced apple and cinnamon – yum for Xmas!

  293. Traditionally welsh cakes should be leek or daffodil flavour.

  294. I’d like to try Mint flavoured welshcakes.

  295. Ones with nuts in like walnuts, hazelnuts or pecans would be delicious and add a nice crunch

  296. lemon and chocolate

  297. nutmeg

  298. sherry

  299. port and stilton

  300. mulled wine

  301. champagne

  302. coffee

  303. malt

  304. sugar and spice

  305. grape

  306. sweet potato

  307. dundee

  308. topping of dundee

  309. cheese and leek

  310. Date and walnut

  311. leek and chedder

  312. split of leek and cheese

  313. apricot

  314. split of choc buttons

  315. butter iceing

  316. pink iceing

  317. white icing

  318. red white blue stripe icing

  319. hundreds and thousands topping

  320. Wales wrote in red icing on top

  321. coconut

  322. split with chocolate in the middle

  323. icing of chocolate

  324. Caerphilly Cheese and Penderyn Whisky

  325. Welsh wild honey with a dash of Welsh whisky