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Abra-Ca-Debora Diddy Dutch Pancakes
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Diddy Dutch PancakesThe fine folks at Abra-Ca-Debora contacted me to see if I would like to try a new product they have launched, their Diddy Dutch Pancakes. These mini pancakes are about the size of a 50p piece. And when I first saw them I thought, these would make a perfect after school snack for kids.

The instructions on the bag say to heat for 30 seconds in a microwave and eat as is or dip them in some melted chocolate and sprinkle with nuts.

Well today I was in the mood for elevenses and I thought to myself, “hmm what can I do with these Diddy Dutch Pancakes?”. Of course tapping into my American roots, I made a little dipping sauce by nuking some butter, maple syrup and golden plum jam in a small bowl. I then made a cup of tea and heated the pancakes. I tried one right out of the bag and I must say, I had to hold myself back so that these little gems made it onto the plate or into the photos

Tea and Diddy Dutch Pancakes

Tea and Diddy Dutch Pancakes

The pancakes are puffy and light and utterly moreish, and were so scrummy with my fast dipping sauce.

To heck with the kids, eat them yourself!


The nice people at Big Fish, Abra-Ca-Debra’s PR Company have promised me another 5 bags of these delicious treats to give away to 5 readers of this blog (don’t worry dear readers I will not enter and try to win).

Simply leave a comment below, telling us what you would most like to dip your Diddy Dutch Pancakes in.


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  • The prize is one packet of Abra-Ca-Debora Diddy Dutch Pancakes, as shown above, and includes free delivery anywhere in the UK.
  • The prize cannot be redeemed for a cash value.
  • The prize is offered and provided by Big Fish Design Limited.
  • Where prizes are to be provided by a third party, Corpulent Capers accepts no responsibility for the acts or defaults of that third party.
  • One blog entry per person only.
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Corpulent Capers received review samples from Big Fish.

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265 Responses to “Abra-Ca-Debora Diddy Dutch Pancakes”

  1. I dip my pancakes into syrup

  2. Warm Golden Syrup.

  3. I would like to dip them in butterscotch sauce

  4. i’d dip mine in warm nutella.. mmm!

  5. Maple syrup

  6. Maple syrip mmm!

  7. I love mapple syrup – very yummy xxx

  8. nutella!

  9. These look ace, and deffo wouldn’t last long in our house as we all love pancakes, we would be dipping them in maple syrup, yum!

  10. Melted Chocolate

  11. I would dip in honey.

  12. Definitely Nutella! Yum

  13. Honey 🙂

  14. chocolate sauce 🙂

  15. Lemon & sugar

  16. A fudge sauce mmmm

  17. mapple syrup

  18. Has to be strawberry jam and cream!

  19. I’d dip mine in golden syrup

  20. vanilla ice cream!

  21. In chocolate sauce

  22. HONEY!

  23. vanilla ice cream & strawberries

  24. Honey

  25. Toffee sauce

  26. Into chocolate sauce

  27. I would like to dip them in strawberry jam! yum 🙂

  28. Chocolate sounds good.

  29. my kids have nutella chopped banana whipped cream and chopped nuts sooo yummy!!!

  30. I’d go for syrup

  31. honey and then icing sugar

  32. Honeycomb icecream and choc sauce 🙂

  33. Lemon and sugar!

  34. I’d dip mine in chocolate sauce & whipped cream

  35. Nutella!

  36. Maple syrup

  37. Lemon & Sugar

  38. In yogurt,with honey mixed in

  39. I like to dip my pancakes in Nutella

  40. maple syrup

  41. I would dip into salted caramel 🙂

  42. Golden syrup

  43. clotted cream

  44. I would dip into Golden Syrup and then a couple of slices of banana

  45. I would dip mine in Maple syrup

  46. lemon and sugar for me

  47. mmm i would dip them in butterscotch. mmm tasty x
    thanks for the chance to win and try x

  48. I’d have them dipped in chocolate with a smidge of ice cream

  49. I dip mine in chocolate sauce! mmmm

  50. custard

  51. with syrup, banana and ice cream, yum!

  52. melted white chocolate

  53. Melted chocolate & flaked almonds – Yum!

  54. maple syrup

  55. I’d eat them with strawberries and yogurt yum x

  56. Lemon and sugar!

  57. would have to be maple syrup and lemon juice, delicious 🙂

  58. Strawberry Jam

  59. nutella!

  60. I would dip mine in condensed milk!!

  61. Id dip mine into chocolate sauce 🙂

  62. Chocolate Spread

  63. ice cream :)O

  64. I dip it into some softened chocolate Philly mmmm….

  65. Maple syrup and lemon 🙂 mmmmmm

  66. Strawberry Jam 🙂

  67. With dirty Double Cream! 🙂

  68. Peanut butter!

  69. Nutella!

  70. Maple syrup


  72. butterscotch sauce

  73. Has to be some thick Spanish Hot Chocolate

  74. Yer Maw

  75. I would choose proper Canadian maple syrup!
    These remind me of the teeny pancakes they sell at burger king for a dessert – i love those and can easily eat 10+ in one sitting!

  76. i would like to try them with ice cream and chocolate sauce with sprinkles mmmmmmmmmm

  77. Lime and honey dip. Awesome!

  78. Lime and honey dip.

  79. Lime and honey dip

  80. in honey – yum

  81. strawberry jam

  82. dipped in lots of maple syrup

  83. Syrup with some cinnamon mixed in – warmed gently – yummy

  84. Bit of a cheat really but I would like potted shrimp. Cheat because it will not dip and you will need a knife but a small price to pay for total summer wonderfulness!

  85. Warmed golden syrup or nutella (nuked in microwave for a few seconds) would be my dipping choice!

  86. melted Mint and Chocolate dip, with a drizzle of raspberry sauce.

  87. In chocolate sauce

  88. Maple syrup!!

  89. Warm Ambrosia Devon Custard would be my choice 😀

  90. Chocolate Sauce

  91. Warm runny chocolate then dipped in dried desiccated coconut.

  92. Nutella… or honey mmmmmm

  93. Homemade salted caramel

  94. Melted cocolate

  95. Vanilla sugar
    Freshly squeezed lemon juice
    Melted chocolate
    Creme fraiche
    Elderflower and gooseberry jam
    Apricot compote

  96. dulce de leche with some added salt flakes

  97. melted chocolate! yummy

  98. Chopped banana and toffee sauce – Abracadebrabanoffee!

  99. Crushed Strawberries

  100. Maple syrup

  101. Raspberries & cream

  102. nutella

  103. I would dip them in a mixture of chocolate, golden syrup, melted marshmallows and butter like the base of a Rocky Road mixture!

  104. Golden syrup – mmmm! With love, Faye xx

  105. maple syrup please

  106. Melted chocolate! *drool*

  107. I’d dip mine into vanilla cream – I love cream!

  108. I would dip them in Nutella, yum!

  109. maple syrup and whipped cream

  110. Chocolate spread and peanut butter swirl.

  111. I’d try and dip them (they might not last long enough to get round to any dipping) in melted chocolate. Simple, but oh-so-yummy. 🙂

  112. Thick blueberry yogurt

  113. Chocolate..it always has to be chocolate!

  114. maple syrup please

  115. oooh this is a big naughty, but i would love to just spread the top with a bit of smooth peanut butter and then dip in either strawberry jam or lemon curd…. my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  116. Maple Syrup

  117. maple syrup and vanilla icecream

  118. Melted dark chocolate

  119. Hot melted chocolate

  120. I would dip mine into sauce made from a mix of melted peanut butter, pinch of cinnamon and a dollop of wasabi for a bit of a kick!

  121. Hot Chocolate sauce – delicious!

  122. warm cherry jam or maple syrup! x

  123. Yummy maple syrup

  124. Homemade raspberry jam!

  125. White chocolate and peanut butter!

  126. chocolate sauce

  127. melted white chocolate!!

  128. Maple Syrup

  129. got to be mayple syrup

  130. Maple Syrup! Yummmmm

  131. Nuttella…yummmmm

  132. Syrup or nutella

  133. Ice Cream!

  134. Maple syrup with a sprinkling of chopped walnuts

  135. In spiced apple compote, YUM!

  136. Nutella.

  137. Warm Nutella

  138. delicious thick cream

  139. Chocolate!

  140. Maple Syrup 🙂

  141. I wouldn’t dip them, I’d soak them in warmed Jack Daniels, the honey variety!!!

  142. chocolate sauce

  143. Tomato sauce

  144. Melted Mars bar sauce!

  145. I think I’d make a compote with the ‘slightly less than perfect’ strawberries

  146. Melted chocolate

  147. In Fluff marshmallow.

  148. Golden Syrup 🙂 yum yum x

  149. strawberry jam or maple syrup mmmm

  150. In pure maple syrup – hopefully 🙂

  151. Has to be maple syrup. Love it.

  152. maple syrup 🙂

  153. Nutella! Yum yum yum!!

  154. Lemon and sugar

  155. Lemon juice & sugar

  156. Love to dip them in double whipped up cream.

  157. Melted chocolate. Yummy x

  158. In chocolate fondue, yummmm 🙂

  159. maple syrup yummy

  160. Maple Syrup 🙂

  161. Golden Syrup

  162. Lemon juice and syrup!

  163. in mayple syrup yummy!

  164. melted chocolate mmmm

  165. Maple Syrup and Cinnamon

  166. White chocolate with blue raspberry sauce.

  167. Melted chocolate

  168. blackberries and clotted cream

  169. Lemon & Cream

  170. Gently Melted Nuttella xx:)

  171. Ice cream!!

  172. Slow melted Nutella ! xx

  173. warm melted chocolate simple but yummylicious

  174. Chocolate

  175. I’d dip mine in Lime Curd and White chocolate spread!

  176. Nutella 🙂

  177. A whole jar of Dulce de Leche! Scrummalicious! (that’s a word, right?!)

  178. I would dip mine in golden syrup or maybe coffee.

  179. Mmmm maple syrup!

  180. My family have a mixture of golden syrup or heated chocolate spread.

  181. Definitely chocolate spread!

  182. I’d dip them in a dark chocolate sauce

  183. Chocolate fudge sauce and toffee ice-cream. Yum!

  184. Maple Syrup

  185. Golden syrup – every time!

  186. Nutella!

  187. Chocolate 🙂

  188. rich chocolate sauce!

  189. Toffee Sauce!

  190. melted chocolate

  191. Metled Chocolate sound great 🙂

  192. Chocolate!

  193. Thick Condensed Milk, so that it is like caramel

  194. i would dip mine in melted white chocolate!!mmmmmmm

  195. baked beans!

  196. mmmmmmm pancakes yes please

  197. it will be chocolate!

  198. Ice cream mmmmm

  199. A mix of warm golden syrup and rum!

  200. Nutella

  201. I would dip into honey :}

  202. Dip in lemon and sugar

  203. I wouldnt dip mine at all they are yummy just as they are

  204. Orange juice

  205. Nutella or butter and sugar mmmmmm…..

  206. Nutella!

  207. YUMMY!! i would double dip mine into chocolate sauce and sprinkles :D!! x

  208. I dip mine in chocolate sauce

  209. I have mine with peanut butter.

  210. strawberries and cream

  211. Melted chocolate or warm syrup. They’re both amazing!!

  212. Tangerine Curd –

  213. Maple Syrup!

  214. Maple syrup. They look delicious.

  215. melted dark chocolate 😀

  216. Honey, yum!

  217. Sugar and buttter

  218. I would dip them in melted white chocolate! Yum.

  219. Maple Syrup

  220. Melted chocolate sounds perfect

  221. Lemon juice and then sugar!

  222. Lemon juice and then brown sugar!

  223. maple syrup

  224. Lemon juice mixed with golden syrup

  225. mint choc chip ice cream mmm x

  226. maple syrup yummy

  227. Melted chocolate

  228. nutella

  229. Id dip mine in salted caramel and cream mmmm

  230. i like to dip my dutch pancakes the traditional way. powder sugar and raspberry jam 🙂 YUM YUM

  231. maple syrup 🙂 yum

  232. Butterscotch sauce

  233. Nutella

  234. As a fine gentleman, I would have mine with Bacon and Ice Cream.

  235. Chocolate sauce

  236. the classic lemon with brown sugar

  237. Maple Syrup

  238. melted cheese

  239. Maple syrup

  240. Ooh it would have to be a melted chocolate and fresh double cream dip!! 🙂

  241. just on they own

  242. dulce de leche!

  243. honey or possibly jam…& these look amazing…

  244. Hot melted chocolate or warm golden syrup, Lovely

  245. I would dip mine in warm Nutella with a strawberry on top. 🙂

  246. great with srawberries and melted chocolate

  247. A huge bowl of maple syrup – gourmet heaven baby!

  248. Peanut butter, with some sliced banana.

  249. Probably melted chocolate

  250. syrup

  251. maple syrup

  252. Homemade raspberry sauce. mmmm 🙂

  253. I’d dip mine in a lovely home-made strawberry syrup

  254. chocolate sauce

  255. Toffee Sauce

  256. Maple syrup

  257. Sugar and lemon!!

  258. butterscotch sauce

  259. Dipping mini pancakes in warm Nutella sounds yummy to me…

  260. dip them in cinnamon

  261. Peanut Butter for me!!

  262. Mashmallow Fluff!


  264. Strawberry jam

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