Feb 26
BlogCamp 2012 Meet and Greet
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On the 21st April I'm off to Birmingham to attend BlogCamp 2012. BlogCamp provides workshops and conferences for independent UK Bloggers. The idea is to help us bloggers to improve our blogs by sharing some practical advice on how to improve the reader experience. The event is fully booked, with a waiting list, so I'm very happy I managed to secure a ticket. If anyone else is travelling from Wales I'll be on 7.45am train from Cardiff Central!

The organisers of BlogCamp have asked us all to post a short introducton to ourselves on our blogs in order that fellow attendees can see who coming and can recognise people with similar interests.  Here's mine :-


Picture of me!


Name: Mark (a.k.a. Gomez)

Blog: Corpulent Capers

Twitter: @gomezadams

My Blog's About: Food – Restaurant Reviews, Farmers Markets, Food Events, Ingredients, Local Food Producers and their Produce.

Likes: Food (obviously), Twitter, Photography, Writing, Technology, Vegetable Gardening, Coffee.

Dislikes: Arrogance, Intolerance, Bigotry, Tea.

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