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    1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by gomezadams, steve bennett. steve bennett said: RT @gomezadams: OK we know he can tweet but can he cook? Check out my review of dinner at @LLCHotel cooked by @chefbennett01 – […]

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    3. […] The Bangkok Cafe 207 Cowbridge Rd East Canton, Cardiff, CF11 9AJ Tel: 029 2034 0455 You can read my full review of The Bangkok Cafe here. […]

    4. Brilliant review! What a shame that the portions were so small! Loved your comment about ‘hotel interior decorating for dummies’. The Radisson Blu probably used the same book.

    5. Doesn’t sound my type of place, but an excellent review

    6. you lucky devil the meal looked tottally out of this world , and a treat to eat, can see why this chief is world class

    7. Just looking at the photos, I can see the H & F has come up a further notch since we ate there! Time for a revisit…

    8. Agree, roast chicken is one of my favourite things, your producer sounds good, look forward to trying

    9. I have really enjoyed reading this. I was invited but it was a bit too far a journey for me at the moment, next year hopefully. About to write a brief post about the Awards, will definitely direct readers to this page!

    10. Gutted I missed this! Looks like it was really good. Next year…

    11. “I’m not going to write a food review based on the launch night as I think that it’s only fair to give them a few weeks to bed themselves in.”

      So the food was shit, but because you were invited by a PR company (and don’t want to lose your future priviliges), you don’t want to say so?

    12. Well Patrick, I’m glad that you wrote that as a question rather than a statement of how you think I think.

      So let me answer your question. No the food wasn’t “shit”. Was it up there with the best? No. it wasn’t. Was it perfectly reasonable? Yes, it was. Was I invited by a PR company? Yes, I was. Would that have stopped me telling the truth? No, it wouldn’t.

      If you read some of the other reviews on here you’ll see that I seldom shy from telling it like it is. I’m happy to pay for my food, nearly all the reviews on here are from when I picked up my own tab and I always declare the fact if I didn’t. I’m rarely invited to events by PR companies so the loss of “future privileges” is hardly relevant.

      Just as I wouldn’t like to be reviewed as a racer based on my first lap of a track, or as a golfer on my first round of golf (examples only I am involved in neither), I don’t think it fair to review a new brigade on their opening night either.

      You’ll be able to check out what I really think after I go back and check out them out a second time next time I’m in Cardiff.

      In the meantime, you could go check them out yourself or, alternatively, read a few of their other reviews from some of my fellow bloggers.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my post and for taking the trouble to comment. Appreciated!

    13. Sounds really good – will be giving this a try!

    14. […] are reading this and would like me to visit a specific True Taste Award Winner (the full list is here) then drop me their name in the comment box below and I’ll see what I can do.  […]

    15. I don’t even know where to start, seriously. Hand and flowers is this kind of places – not being their fault – but trapped into the endlessness vicious circle of Michelin establishment and early stage rating and granted 2 stars by the Michelin guide in the 2012 edition. OK this is nice, this friendly, this is overwhelming…but STOP with young staff, waiting for you (as we were 36 min late – our fault, I’ve to say).

      This is a fact, after 7 years being living in the UK I’ve always been easy with the rating of restaurants in the country, trying to identify the difference and understand. When we go back to France, I do feel the rating is more serious and professional than in the British country one. However I’ve so say it’s sometime difficult to even understand, within the UK itself. From the lovely Sporstman in Whistable with 1 star, where despite being served the classical tasting menu, at least they had the decency of showing a certain hospitality to Alain Ducasse in London, there is a huge gap (of price as well).

      From most starred restaurant in the world, to the best places in France and the UK, I’ve to say, that in this particular occasion we reached the level of the ridicule. Certainly supported by an unexperienced staff, lovely crew of people, but young.

      Not for the respect of the chef, certainly not. After a full meal I think I had quite a decent experience for 3 hours. But come on, this is not acceptable to compare some places in the UK to the Hand and Flowers. How can this be marked 2 stars. This is illogical and can’t be reproduced.

      This is not acceptable to compare the Green House (two stars) in London to this pub, or the Maison Lassere in Paris, all those teams in the world suffering every day to bring an experience, a moment in the life for you and me. This is not simply acceptable to compare the Gavroche or Joel Robuchon to the H/S. Even the Mid-Summer which I detailed over a full post was to be applauded in this particular day. Something is going wrong in the Michelin rating establishment and we will have to understand what is happening.

      Is it a kind of mafia surrounding the French established born guide ….. carrying what they did for the some recently recognized Chef in the world, and almost being creating a subsidiaries of connection with some grown up chef.

      I’m seriously fed up with this outrageous way of the Michelin guide to establish new scales, new benchmarking where there is definitely none. This is a real downfall and this is bad from a guide which has established a reputation of regularity and impartiality in their judgment. I will take the example of some Tailevent in Paris. How dare would you rate Taillevent the same level as the Hand and Flowers? How rude is that.

      Am I missing the point here? Are we saying the UK Michelin got a different rating as the rest of the world? Then if the anwer to that question is a Yes, then I’m giving up. I though Michelin was establishing a global and standard level of rating all cross the world and this is what we’re paying for? This would be my mistake.

      Here Tom Tom Kerridge, with all the best respect I got for his talent since I’ve seen him in Great British Menu, I can’t understand how you could have the respect to be part of the group of established Michel Roux or Joel Robuchon and not being ashamed of been awarded the same level on a simple pub in the middle of Marlow. I would be you, I would write to the Michelin headquarter telling that there must be a misunderstanding.

      The first minute of this moment, when we arrived, I think we all been chocked almost.………was close to nothing….I think I almost thought for two seconds that we must have made a mistake and this is not the place we were suppose to open the door….maybe it’s was 200 meters away…no IT WAS THERE.

      on top of that, like Matthew Norman for the telegraph said here, “It’s the absolutely generic Home Counties gastropub,” with a referenced Classic Posh Pub Décor No 4 (B).

      We arrive, we see a nice pub, a team chatting, an usual hesitation on taking your clothes and then the noisy dining room, then the waitress telling that you’re late (which of course, you aplologies and I suggested we could take the dessert/coffee in another room to aarange, we’re flexible…..but no other option I’m told)….are you sure this is the place you’re coming to have a Sunday roast?? Almost surreal.

      Two Stars? This is a joke!!

      My god….Michelin Guide UK is driving the people nuts by doing this kind of analogy. This is really bad, and this is not even the fault of mister Kerridge. Seriously.

      The Michelin star in the UK is not on the first time proceeding to this kind of operation. They did it recently in 2011 for Arbutus in London. Same scenario, as the good (or bad) surprise was random and unexpected from the staff (I’ve been told by an established 1 star chef – friend of mine).

      Come on Michelin team, you can do better and be realistically independent. Stop trying to ruin the level you established in other countries by just rushing and creating stars where there is none. This is a competition, but a real high level one. You’re destroying the credibility of your own establishment by acting as such.

      I’ve been recently to the Elephant in Torquay*and this was a far better experience than the Hand and Flowers….how weird.

      Worse than that, something happen which never happen to me before, and which was even worse for this poor chef…..a hair….seriously I’m not joking….this is a first time I had a hair in a dish. This was a joke. I’m not even doing any fuss of it ….expect that my friend had to wait 20 minutes to get another dish ready to replace, and that has not even change the attitude regarding the timing.

      Also I’ve to say, on top of that, we’ve been commended to leave the table for a certain time….what the hell is that…if you’re a 2 stars…you deal with that, aren’t you? I can’t wait to see serious people coming to your restaurant (pub), some people who are filling up the places like Gavroche or Robuchon un Tokyo….there will be an issue…I’m telling you.

      Stop it Michelin……

      In essence…..forget about this place, as a 2 stars this is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE… a good pub…yes, certainly one of the best …. but in this case I would put 1 star to the Great-house in Lavenham then.

      This is stupid, as if the food can be nice….and the fact than such a bad start can ruin the full experience.

      But about the food, I’ll not even comment about it as I use to do usually….as I’ve been so much disgusted by the treatment and the rudeness of the management and staff.

      Enjoy the photos below and I’ll make short comments….rude as they could have been….but still fair.

      Braised Pearl Barley, pan fried foie gras with Orange Oil and Sommerset Hare
      Interesting one, with the crackling effect of the pearl. Overall interesting, nice try on the combo of orange and foie gras (maybe a variation of the Heston classic). But I’m afraid the orange flavour is too subtle, the hare totally disappear in the sauce. Over all feeling a richness more than flavour. Nice but not fantastic.

      Salt Cod Scotch Egg with Chorizo, red pepper sauce
      Quite nice flavour, I’ve to say, but you’ll tell me it’s a big bacalao with a chorizo base. Good point for the red pepper purée….superb to balance the chorizo.

      Parsley soup with smoked Eel, Bacon and Parmesan Tortelini.
      The winner without any doubt. Amazing parley potage (not velouté in this case). the eel was supberly balancing the herb effect.

      Breast of Suffolk chicken with Pistachio crumble, lovage poached turnips, Soft Polenta and Winter Truffle
      I was my first attempt, what a shame. I’ll not reveal the location of the intruder. However the flavour of the truffle was sublimed by the richness of the creamy polenta. I’m afraid the turnips didn’t turn up (ahahaha) as being the most flavoury vegetable to go with this dish. However the chicken was super moist and the creamy polenta was adding so much value to the overall combo. The pistachio crust was just sumptuous. Well done. Shame I didn’t finish it.

      Red Wine Braised Shin of Beef, with Hand and Flowers carrot and Shin sauce. (Replacement)
      My second main course, I have to say has totally rebalanced the overall drama. The carrot slow cooked in somewhat an essence of flower I guess, was just the best carrot I had ever. The sous vide technique is bringing here a sweet carrot, glazed at the last minute. Stunning.

      And the beef shin, covered with a layer of simple potatoe purée, all wrapped in caul fat. The beef was superb, maybe a little bit rich again. But this is a very good traditional dish. Almost a boeuf Bourguignon, revisited.

      Cornish Day boat Skate, with bacon roast parsnips, trompette, cockles and lardo.
      I’ve tried also this one. I’m afraid we all agree the skate was dry. On this kind of variation around a Classical Grenobloise Skate dish, I would have expected a kind of noisette butter on the side.

      Essex Lamb “bun” with sweetbreads and salsa verde.(closed)

      Essex Lamb “bun” with sweetbreads and salsa verde (open)
      This one was of course the most impressive. Just by the look. However, seem like the expectation was again too high. When you open it you’ll find a nicely wrapped in caul fat lamb minced meat. Surprisingly no sweetbreads as they’ve been mixed up in the meat.

      I would cook this same dish, I would separate the 2 elements, do one big for the lamb, one for the sweetbreads, as the client can enjoy the combo like a game. This would have been more ludic and the client would have enjoyed the flavour separately.

      Amazing good point here for the Salsa Verde, the best one I’ve ever tried. Purée of Parsley, Garlic and Olive oil…..simple but done to PERFECTION.

      Tonka Bean Panacotta, poached Rhubarb, ginger wine jelly and rhubarb sorbet.
      I’ve to say this one, despite a really non glamorous presetnation was from far the best dish on that day. Light but creamy. Full of flavor and I’ve to confess I’m not the biggest fan of rubarhb as well. The sorbet was stunning, the jelly tasteless…unfortunately. But overall a WINNER

      Warm Pistachio Sponge cake, melon sorbet and marzipan
      This one was defo my favourite, as I LOVE melon. Very surprising to have melon in the middle of Jan, but who cares. I was essentially tempted by the pistachio sponge cake. I have to say my pistachio financier are stronger in flavour than this one. I like the chequers of melon. Nice one also.

      Hand and Flowers Chocolate Cake, salted caramel and Muscovado Ice Cream
      Maybe the boring one. Chocolate…….again!! and certainly not the the WOW you’ll expect. Nice ganache made of good quality chocolate, but the texture was somewhat too creamy. The Salted caramel and muscovado Ice cream was low in flavor and I’ve to say, this version of this dessert a the Elephant in Torquay was far more better….no futher comments.


      To put an end to this bad story, I even had to claim to cancel the price of counted replacement dish???? …….in a history of good food and Michelin star, this is a pure disappointment, leaving me with hanger against my favourite guide and the fact that some people are currently committing into the selling of the quite old and established guide. We’re losing in quality and independence. This is a shame.

      I hope this is not the start or even continuity of a downfall. I’m working to make people understand the real rating established a long time ago by people with passion. Recently the Michelin guide has committed a self-suicide by promoting too many places ….and not really looking to their own rating benchmark or policy guide. I would recommend to those people currently working at Michelin to travel more. To experience more places in the world. To come back to the root of the rating and system they implemented. Also to the Management to introduce some level of double checking (I can’t possibly conceve that the H/F has been double checked in this case).

      You should go to Tokyo messieurs. You should go to Paris or Spain messieurs.

      How can you rate Noma, Robuchon, Gavroche, Carré de Feuillants, …..or even Mid-Summer with a 2 stars when you are rating 2 star at Hand and Flower.

      Let’s enjoy also this picture of the toilets taken by my friend. Notice the lovely plastic flowers. The apparent plumbing is adding to the global experience as well. Hopefully the towels were ready and some moisturiser for hands…. at least.

      lovely plastic flowers…..a must to have in a 2 Michelin Star rated place.
      This is OUTREAGOUS.

      I would recommend you to extend your bib gourmand to different level…..this would be wiser.

      As a lover of food and quality…….I’m sorry Hand and Flowers is a nice pub…maybe the best….but this is a PUB. Don’t get me wrong, this must be the best food I’ve had in a PUB, indeed…..but if you establish a rating with Hibiscus in London, or Taillevent in Paris as challenger….the Hand and Flowers can’t compete….and this is the issue with the rating here.

      Please do try to enjoy the food…….unfortunately on shade by the silliness of an international rating established by the Michelin currently falling regulators.

      It seems that we’ve got here some similarities with the big financial rating agencies… seems that some food rating agencies are currently diverting from the core established policy to please a maximum of people and maybe to create virtually some stars where there is none…..this could be their downfall soon….the scale you established mister Michelin is not a race, it’s a recognition, and this need to be given fairly. Some people, clearly strong in this industrie will soon dislike your judgment. And I’m starting to be one of the people, and I’m not the only one… that space.

    16. Vincent,
      while I’m sure your comments are most welcome by the lovely people who run this site, I’m not sure this is the place to wage your one man war on the little red book.
      if, as you suggest, you are a connoisseur of all things Michelin, you will be aware that any star rating is not an established level with set requirements, as there is no way you can compare restaurants across a single country, never mind continents or even the globe. there WILL be differences between a French two star run by an old school Michelin stalwart and a new two star in the UK. we have very different heritages and training. I believe Mr Kerridge achieved the rating for his consistency, and his commitment to ingredient quality and technical ability.
      to ridicule him for having plastic flowers in the toilets is short sighted at the least. there is a one star street vendor in Hong Kong doing dim sum, would you berate him for not having a covered seating area, tablecloths and sommeliers trained at m. Ducasse?
      time and a place Vincent, think about it.

    17. I frequently cook venison casserole in my slow cooker.. Onion, chunks of carrot , chopped celery and grated parsnip are fried with some garlic. Throw in the slow cooker , add some beef stock with some red currant jelly and some wine. Marinade the venison inlwine overnight and just chuck it all in – not pre cooked. This stops it going tough. A couple of bouquet garni and leave it for at least 3 hours. Then check for seasoning, add some mushrooms and shallots and some cornflour in water to thicken and leave for another 4 hours. Absolutely divine! serve ith small rounds of puff pastry and green veg. Give it a try!

    18. […] divided people. As one irate Frenchman pointed out rather sarcastically (check his comment below this blog for the full rant), the toilets even have “lovely plastic flowers…..a must have in a 2 Michelin […]

    19. […] s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s); })(); So having filled our bellies at Y Polyn, it seemed the obvious choice to go and check out Simon & Maryann Wright’s new venture, […]

    20. Ooh, I love a pasty-I feel lunchtime coming on!

    21. […] a read of Corpulent Capers review as well […]

    22. This all sounds delicious, can’t wait to try it!

    23. Love the look of the halibut kokum. Smoky and sour fish curry. Sounds right up my street.

    24. Great meal there tonight, I had the Halibut Kokum and stir fried veg. My companions had the lamb shank. Great flavours everywhere showing off the meat and fish so well. Starters, rice, breads, desserts; all outstanding. The Brooklyn lager really worked well with the kokum sauce so I’m guessing the guys giving the advice know what they’re talking about

      “Deep Blue”… a bit Zoolander though?

      Thanks for the review!

    25. Looks like a fun morning! The world’s stickiest dough has to be Ciabatta, see my fun teaching it in the latest blog post!

    26. What a post! So useful info here! Thanks for sharing.

    27. Wow – this sounds like a fun day. So glad I found your blog through Linkedin. I will be reading through the rest of your articles soon.


    28. Making bread is so therapeutic, isn’t it. Sounds like a great course.

    29. Very odd, a lady bumped into me on Llandaff road yesterday looking for it, I didn’t know where it was but I hope she found it and my wife’s ears perked at lobster wraps.

    30. I am so wanting to have mussels soon, it’s been far too long since I have prepared them. Thank you for the inspiration!

    31. What an amazing event. Put me down for tickets for next year.

    32. Hi Mark,
      I wondered if you have heard of Simon Wright’s BBC Radio Wales series “Wales on the Menu”? I work on the radio show and wondered if you could get in touch as we would like to involve you in a small way on one of our upcoming programmes.
      Please get in touch.
      All the best

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    34. […] at the Riverfront, along with Adam Whittle of the White Hart Village Inn in Llangybi (see my review here.). Also at the Theatre will be award-winning Anand George from the Purple Poppadom in Cardiff […]

    35. […] Red Hot World Buffet Cake-Off Added Oct 14, 2012, Under: Babette's Ffest,Events FB.Event.subscribe('edge.create', function(response) { _gaq.push(['_trackEvent','SocialSharing','Facebook – like button',unescape(String(response).replace(/+/g, " "))]); }); (function() { var po = document.createElement("script"); po.type = "text/javascript"; po.async = true; po.src = ""; var s = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s); })(); To launch their new cake venture, Red Hot World Buffet in Cardiff invited me and a few other food bloggers to a ‘Red Hot Cake Off’. If you have never been to a Red Hot World Buffet, check out our previous write ups here and here. […]

    36. Some of the best tasting cakes I’ve ever made looked rather terrifying. I make things that taste great but look like they need a structural engineer to shore it up. Your cake looks like it had nothing to be ashamed of.
      (I’m not really in a position to get to Cardiff to pick up a cake (I don’t think it would survive the 9 hour flight home), but on the off chance I win one, and it’s okay, you can let @RealityMinus3 have it in my place.)

    37. Mmmm, cake. They all look good and if they include chocolate it doesn’t matter what they look like. Well done!

    38. I want to give this to my boyfriend who needs to be pamperd.
      He himself would never pamper anyone but he might change
      his mind when he can feel the sweetness in being pamperd.

      Best christmas whishes


    39. I would like to nominate my husband’s Grandmother, Mary! She is 96 or she may even be 97 (you tend to lose count after a while!) lol

      Anyway, even at that delicate age she still maintains a strict beauty regime, which involves my mother-in- law slathering her in moisturiser day and night! She has fantastic skin and a smile that would knock any man off his feet!


    40. Lynda Sorenson deserves pampering after all that has gone on this last year or so.

    41. Graham and I have had the year from hell. He wouldn’t enjoy the spa bag, but God, I would love it. And we all know that when Mama’s happy, everyone is happy. I’d adore a day when I can spend the whole day in the tub turning pruney and yet magically younger. (I already have his Christmas gift picked out, a lovely new Harris tweed flat cap. This could be my gift from him.)

    42. I’m getting married on the 20th, so I’d give it to my lovely Mum, to say thank you for helping me with my wedding cake, flowers and decorations.

    43. I would love to give this to my husband. He pretends pampering is for girls but he loves it really. We have just moved into a new house and he has been working day and night to repair leaks, boliers and to make it livable and he deserves a treat and some pampering.

    44. I would like to give the nip and fab pampering kit to my best friend. This year has been the worst time of her life as she has lost her beautiful daughter but she still phones me to see if i’m alright. She has been very brave but needs time too chill now and look after herself. This pampering kit would be very much appreciated.

    45. I would give this gift to my daughter Rebecca. She gave birth last year to twin girls 10 week premature (initially having tripltes but lost one early on in pregnancy) They weighed at 1lb 10oz and 3lb. The journey has been very difficult not knowing if they were going to survive. They were in hospital for 3 months and every day of survival they got stronger. however this has taken a toll on Rebecca and she deserves some ‘me time’. She is a fab mother and deserves a bit of pamering !

    46. My dear mum! She’s just come out of hospital after a long, painful op on her foot! So, now she’s ‘NIP’py, and, mobile again, she just needs this to make her look and feel ‘FAB’!

    47. I would give it to my sister, she is a busy working mum to my three nieces, and she deserves a bit of pampering.

    48. I would keep it for myself I could do with a bit of pampering

    49. I’d give this to my wife, she organises us all year not only at Christmas so she should be pampered

    50. I would give it to my daughter as she has been working so hard with her A levels

    51. My mother-in-law as she is a fantastic support and looks after my three girls whilst I go to work.

    52. My sister who has helped me endlessly this year.

    53. I would give it to my mum as I think she is a super mum! she helps me & my sisters out all the time with the 6 grandchildren that we have between us and this is as well as looking after her elderly father & working as a gym manager 30 hours a week which she puts her all into. She looks fab anyway but I know she would love this and I think she needs a bit of pampering after everything she does for everyone else!

    54. I would keep it for myself because I don’t pamper myself that often 🙂


    56. I’d like to give this to my sister Sarah.

      She’s had a tough few years and needs to relax. She found out she had CIN3 which is when it starts to develop to cervical cancer but they removed it thankfully. She’s suffered many miscarriages which we thought was due to the fact her Cervix was thin but have found she has a blood clotting disorder which sees the baby/fetus as a virus and basically erm….kills it off.

      She’s had it rough but has kept strong on the outside.

    57. I’d give this to my mum. She’s been donning the overalls this year, helping to renovate my brother’s first house, so I think she deserves some pampering.

    58. I would love this for my Wife, she has had a very difficult couple of years yet remains my rock and my soulmate. She deserves something nice to happen.

    59. I’d give it to my mother-in-law who’s the age where she needs all the help she can get, but don’t tell her I said 🙂

    60. My duaghter because she needs more than grunge

    61. I would like to give this to my mum, her mums just passed away after 2 years of being a live in carer, so I think she deserves a bit of pampering as she’s feeling as though she lost her purpose at the moment!

    62. My mum as she could do with some pampering putting up with Victor Meldrew, I mean my dad lol 😉

    63. I would give to my Mum because she deserves a treat and for always having a smile on her face! 🙂

    64. Would give it to my lovely mother!

    65. Definately my cousin who is having a rought time believing that 2013 is going to be any better than 2011 and 2012.

    66. I’d give it to my beautiful mum because she is always running around for everyone else (including me) and she never treats herself 🙂

    67. My Wife – She’s the best

    68. I’d give it to my mother in law. She’s been great this year, insisting on helping everyone through their assorted crisis despite not being too well herself.

    69. I’d give it to my mum. She retired this year and she’s finally getting time to relax so a pamper package like this would be fab! 🙂

    70. I’d share this with my 81 year old Mother we’d have a pamper girlie night in.


    72. my mum, as now my sister and niece have moved out she has a bit of peace and quiet to herself

    73. To my mum as shes always so busy at christmas time!


    75. I would give this pampering treat to my mum. She thoroughly deserves it after beating cancer last year. She went through the worst time but is back to health at last.

    76. I would keep it for myself

    77. My beautiful Nan 🙂 My Nan makes me smile & laugh all the time, she looked after me when I was younger & was my best friend. She’s totally hilarious you wouldn’t think she’s 82! I know she’s been under the weather recently & I’d love to return even some of the happiness she’s brought to us 🙂

    78. i would keep it for myself as i need papmpering as i have had a bad year being diagonised with coeliac disease and just gone on a gluten free diet and getting married on 29th june 2013 so would love to be pampered and get my skin in good condition for my wedding.this would be really help.

    79. I would give it to my mum as she needs cheering up as her cat has just died and she’s very upset.

    80. I’d share it with my daughter, we both deserve some pampering and nothing beats some mom and daughter time for me.

    81. I’d give it to my sister as she was very supportive earlier this year when I had to have an op

    82. I would give to my daughter as she works two jobs and she needs some pampering

    83. My sister…because she’s worth it

    84. My sister- she is at college and working in order to get in to and pay for uni next year.

    85. I’d give it to my husband he looks after me and gives me little treats all the time so I’d love to treat him to this pamper kit x

    86. My mum! It’s her birthday on the 17th and she has been a star this year! Supporting me and my husband during the labour and birth of our first baby!

    87. I’d give this to my Mum. She’s been absolutely brilliant throughout a tough year. I really don’t know what I’d do without her.

    88. I’d give this to my friend J., who is not only making dinner on 25 December for a whole group of friends who wouldn’t have anywhere else to go on Christmas Day, but is going onto hospital for an op on New Year’s Eve, so she’s a real hero – and a great person. she’s fab and she’s having a nip under anaesthetic, so she really deserves this!

    89. I would give this to my mother as she has had a rough year nursing her brother. I would love to be able to give her a treat.

    90. I would keep this myself because at my age I need all the help I can get!

    91. I’d give this to my mum she truly deserves it

    92. I would give it to my best friend, because she has been there for me when I need a chat.

    93. Would love to give it to my girlfriend who is the best person in the world.

    94. I would love to give this to my wonderful daughter, as she has had a horrible year, health-wise, and really deserves some pampering

    95. would like to give this to my sister-in-law because she is the most amazing person i know, looking after 3 boys, poorly husband with serious heart condition and chair of our PTA, she really deserves this!

    96. I would nominate my wife Deborah. She looks after our three children and rarely gets any time to pamper herself.

    97. I would give it my boss Suzie, who came back of maternity leave in september and is finding it very hard to juggle full time work and being away from her two children, and so is taking it out on us at work. She needs to relax and be pampered so she is happier at home and at work – making our lives happier as well!

    98. I would give it to my mum for all the help she gives me…

    99. My mother – she moved out of the family home to be a full time carer to her mum, my nan, she has been there since November 2011, she is such an inspiration, I dont think I could cope with what she has, she deserves to lock herself away for a few hours with a nip n fab pamper pack, me and my 2 sisters could go over too! YES! and get some bubbles from Sainsburys on route, loving my own ideas lol x

    100. I would give it to my sister

    101. i would give it to my sister, she just broke up with her girlfriend. shes needs it

    102. I’d give it to my lovely wife who manages to always keep smiling whilst juggling a new job, two teenagers, various pets and of course me! If anyone deserves pampering she certainly does.

    103. I’d give it to my nan, she loves things like this! 🙂

    104. i would selfishly keep the pamper kit for myself , as i really really deserve it , not only had a big familty get together over xmas to sort out also trying to sort out my las vegas wedding and then a huge reception a week after we get back so i really really need to turmn off and unwind .. just for an hour then ill get back to planning i promise !!

    105. I would give it to my daughter, she could use a treat after having my first grandchild

    106. That is amazing! I hope you win. You get my vote!

    107. love it going to try it out at weekend with grandkids thankyou

    108. awesome cookie

    109. Thank you! If anything is unclear with the recipe, give me a shout

    110. Now on for 2013 😉

    111. Do you have dates yet, for my event calendar?

    112. 10th August 2013 Run by Menter Aberteifi for the 15th Year running. Events on the River and the land. This is the premier event for Cardigan. Drawing in ‘000 of people to this historic town 🙂

    113. […] Sea Island Coffee Review from the Corpulent Capers Food Blog: […]

    114. @gomezadams @babettesffest Thank you for the lovely review

    115. I wanted to comment on this way back then, but I wanted to share my experience and to do this I needed a thermometer.

      I received one a week or so ago and its sole use is to measure water temperature.

      I am a fan of Coffee Bean Direct, a purveyor of beans from all over the place in 5lb bags in the US$40 to US$60 price range. My first purchase (from Amazon) was Dark Sumatra Gayoland, Organic Fair Trade and this stuff was da bomb! Sure, not as good as the best I’ve had but for the price it really was second to none.

      I was disappointed with my second order, Dark Guatemalan. It was full of flavour but there was a slight bitterness. Even my daughter noticed and she drinks Starbucks.

      With the thermometer, I keep the water temp at just under 200 degrees f or about 93 degrees c. At this temp, the residual bitterness is gone and it’s like drinking a different bean altogether.

      Temperature makes a huge difference.

    116. I dip my pancakes into syrup

    117. Warm Golden Syrup.

    118. I would like to dip them in butterscotch sauce

    119. i’d dip mine in warm nutella.. mmm!

    120. Maple syrup

    121. Maple syrip mmm!

    122. I love mapple syrup – very yummy xxx

    123. nutella!

    124. These look ace, and deffo wouldn’t last long in our house as we all love pancakes, we would be dipping them in maple syrup, yum!

    125. Melted Chocolate

    126. I would dip in honey.

    127. Definitely Nutella! Yum

    128. Honey 🙂

    129. chocolate sauce 🙂

    130. Lemon & sugar

    131. A fudge sauce mmmm

    132. mapple syrup

    133. Has to be strawberry jam and cream!

    134. I’d dip mine in golden syrup

    135. vanilla ice cream!

    136. In chocolate sauce

    137. HONEY!

    138. vanilla ice cream & strawberries

    139. Honey

    140. Toffee sauce

    141. Into chocolate sauce

    142. I would like to dip them in strawberry jam! yum 🙂

    143. Chocolate sounds good.

    144. my kids have nutella chopped banana whipped cream and chopped nuts sooo yummy!!!

    145. I’d go for syrup

    146. honey and then icing sugar

    147. Honeycomb icecream and choc sauce 🙂

    148. Lemon and sugar!

    149. I’d dip mine in chocolate sauce & whipped cream

    150. Nutella!

    151. Maple syrup

    152. Lemon & Sugar

    153. In yogurt,with honey mixed in

    154. I like to dip my pancakes in Nutella

    155. maple syrup

    156. I would dip into salted caramel 🙂

    157. Golden syrup

    158. clotted cream

    159. I would dip into Golden Syrup and then a couple of slices of banana

    160. I would dip mine in Maple syrup

    161. lemon and sugar for me

    162. mmm i would dip them in butterscotch. mmm tasty x
      thanks for the chance to win and try x

    163. I’d have them dipped in chocolate with a smidge of ice cream

    164. I dip mine in chocolate sauce! mmmm

    165. custard

    166. with syrup, banana and ice cream, yum!

    167. melted white chocolate

    168. Melted chocolate & flaked almonds – Yum!

    169. maple syrup

    170. I’d eat them with strawberries and yogurt yum x

    171. Lemon and sugar!

    172. would have to be maple syrup and lemon juice, delicious 🙂

    173. Strawberry Jam

    174. nutella!

    175. I would dip mine in condensed milk!!

    176. Id dip mine into chocolate sauce 🙂

    177. Chocolate Spread

    178. ice cream :)O

    179. I dip it into some softened chocolate Philly mmmm….

    180. Maple syrup and lemon 🙂 mmmmmm

    181. Strawberry Jam 🙂

    182. With dirty Double Cream! 🙂

    183. Peanut butter!

    184. Nutella!

    185. Maple syrup


    187. butterscotch sauce

    188. Has to be some thick Spanish Hot Chocolate

    189. Yer Maw

    190. I would choose proper Canadian maple syrup!
      These remind me of the teeny pancakes they sell at burger king for a dessert – i love those and can easily eat 10+ in one sitting!

    191. i would like to try them with ice cream and chocolate sauce with sprinkles mmmmmmmmmm

    192. Lime and honey dip. Awesome!

    193. Lime and honey dip.

    194. Lime and honey dip

    195. in honey – yum

    196. strawberry jam

    197. dipped in lots of maple syrup

    198. Syrup with some cinnamon mixed in – warmed gently – yummy

    199. Bit of a cheat really but I would like potted shrimp. Cheat because it will not dip and you will need a knife but a small price to pay for total summer wonderfulness!

    200. Warmed golden syrup or nutella (nuked in microwave for a few seconds) would be my dipping choice!

    201. melted Mint and Chocolate dip, with a drizzle of raspberry sauce.

    202. In chocolate sauce

    203. Maple syrup!!

    204. Warm Ambrosia Devon Custard would be my choice 😀

    205. Chocolate Sauce

    206. Warm runny chocolate then dipped in dried desiccated coconut.

    207. Nutella… or honey mmmmmm

    208. Homemade salted caramel

    209. Melted cocolate

    210. Vanilla sugar
      Freshly squeezed lemon juice
      Melted chocolate
      Creme fraiche
      Elderflower and gooseberry jam
      Apricot compote

    211. dulce de leche with some added salt flakes

    212. melted chocolate! yummy

    213. Chopped banana and toffee sauce – Abracadebrabanoffee!

    214. Crushed Strawberries

    215. Maple syrup

    216. Raspberries & cream

    217. nutella

    218. I would dip them in a mixture of chocolate, golden syrup, melted marshmallows and butter like the base of a Rocky Road mixture!

    219. Golden syrup – mmmm! With love, Faye xx

    220. maple syrup please

    221. Melted chocolate! *drool*

    222. I’d dip mine into vanilla cream – I love cream!

    223. I would dip them in Nutella, yum!

    224. maple syrup and whipped cream

    225. Chocolate spread and peanut butter swirl.

    226. I’d try and dip them (they might not last long enough to get round to any dipping) in melted chocolate. Simple, but oh-so-yummy. 🙂

    227. Thick blueberry yogurt

    228. always has to be chocolate!

    229. maple syrup please

    230. oooh this is a big naughty, but i would love to just spread the top with a bit of smooth peanut butter and then dip in either strawberry jam or lemon curd…. my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

    231. Maple Syrup

    232. maple syrup and vanilla icecream

    233. Melted dark chocolate

    234. Hot melted chocolate

    235. I would dip mine into sauce made from a mix of melted peanut butter, pinch of cinnamon and a dollop of wasabi for a bit of a kick!

    236. Hot Chocolate sauce – delicious!

    237. warm cherry jam or maple syrup! x

    238. Yummy maple syrup

    239. Homemade raspberry jam!

    240. White chocolate and peanut butter!

    241. chocolate sauce

    242. melted white chocolate!!

    243. Maple Syrup

    244. got to be mayple syrup

    245. Maple Syrup! Yummmmm

    246. Nuttella…yummmmm

    247. Syrup or nutella

    248. Ice Cream!

    249. Maple syrup with a sprinkling of chopped walnuts

    250. In spiced apple compote, YUM!

    251. Nutella.

    252. Warm Nutella

    253. delicious thick cream

    254. Chocolate!

    255. Maple Syrup 🙂

    256. I wouldn’t dip them, I’d soak them in warmed Jack Daniels, the honey variety!!!

    257. chocolate sauce

    258. Tomato sauce

    259. Melted Mars bar sauce!

    260. I think I’d make a compote with the ‘slightly less than perfect’ strawberries

    261. Melted chocolate

    262. In Fluff marshmallow.

    263. Golden Syrup 🙂 yum yum x

    264. strawberry jam or maple syrup mmmm

    265. In pure maple syrup – hopefully 🙂

    266. Has to be maple syrup. Love it.

    267. maple syrup 🙂

    268. Nutella! Yum yum yum!!

    269. Lemon and sugar

    270. Lemon juice & sugar

    271. Love to dip them in double whipped up cream.

    272. Melted chocolate. Yummy x

    273. In chocolate fondue, yummmm 🙂

    274. maple syrup yummy

    275. Maple Syrup 🙂

    276. Golden Syrup

    277. Lemon juice and syrup!

    278. in mayple syrup yummy!

    279. melted chocolate mmmm

    280. Maple Syrup and Cinnamon

    281. White chocolate with blue raspberry sauce.

    282. Melted chocolate

    283. blackberries and clotted cream

    284. Lemon & Cream

    285. Gently Melted Nuttella xx:)

    286. Ice cream!!

    287. Slow melted Nutella ! xx

    288. warm melted chocolate simple but yummylicious

    289. Chocolate

    290. I’d dip mine in Lime Curd and White chocolate spread!

    291. Nutella 🙂

    292. A whole jar of Dulce de Leche! Scrummalicious! (that’s a word, right?!)

    293. I would dip mine in golden syrup or maybe coffee.

    294. Mmmm maple syrup!

    295. My family have a mixture of golden syrup or heated chocolate spread.

    296. Definitely chocolate spread!

    297. I’d dip them in a dark chocolate sauce

    298. Chocolate fudge sauce and toffee ice-cream. Yum!

    299. Maple Syrup

    300. Golden syrup – every time!

    301. Nutella!

    302. Chocolate 🙂

    303. rich chocolate sauce!

    304. Toffee Sauce!

    305. melted chocolate

    306. Metled Chocolate sound great 🙂

    307. Chocolate!

    308. Thick Condensed Milk, so that it is like caramel

    309. i would dip mine in melted white chocolate!!mmmmmmm

    310. baked beans!

    311. mmmmmmm pancakes yes please

    312. it will be chocolate!

    313. Ice cream mmmmm

    314. A mix of warm golden syrup and rum!

    315. Nutella

    316. I would dip into honey :}

    317. Dip in lemon and sugar

    318. I wouldnt dip mine at all they are yummy just as they are

    319. Orange juice

    320. Nutella or butter and sugar mmmmmm…..

    321. Nutella!

    322. YUMMY!! i would double dip mine into chocolate sauce and sprinkles :D!! x

    323. I dip mine in chocolate sauce

    324. I have mine with peanut butter.

    325. strawberries and cream

    326. Melted chocolate or warm syrup. They’re both amazing!!

    327. Tangerine Curd –

    328. Maple Syrup!

    329. Maple syrup. They look delicious.

    330. melted dark chocolate 😀

    331. Honey, yum!

    332. Sugar and buttter

    333. I would dip them in melted white chocolate! Yum.

    334. Maple Syrup

    335. Melted chocolate sounds perfect

    336. Lemon juice and then sugar!

    337. Lemon juice and then brown sugar!

    338. maple syrup

    339. Lemon juice mixed with golden syrup

    340. mint choc chip ice cream mmm x

    341. maple syrup yummy

    342. Melted chocolate

    343. nutella

    344. Id dip mine in salted caramel and cream mmmm

    345. i like to dip my dutch pancakes the traditional way. powder sugar and raspberry jam 🙂 YUM YUM

    346. maple syrup 🙂 yum

    347. Butterscotch sauce

    348. Nutella

    349. As a fine gentleman, I would have mine with Bacon and Ice Cream.

    350. Chocolate sauce

    351. the classic lemon with brown sugar

    352. Maple Syrup

    353. melted cheese

    354. Maple syrup

    355. Ooh it would have to be a melted chocolate and fresh double cream dip!! 🙂

    356. just on they own

    357. dulce de leche!

    358. honey or possibly jam…& these look amazing…

    359. Hot melted chocolate or warm golden syrup, Lovely

    360. I would dip mine in warm Nutella with a strawberry on top. 🙂

    361. great with srawberries and melted chocolate

    362. A huge bowl of maple syrup – gourmet heaven baby!

    363. Peanut butter, with some sliced banana.

    364. Probably melted chocolate

    365. syrup

    366. maple syrup

    367. Homemade raspberry sauce. mmmm 🙂

    368. I’d dip mine in a lovely home-made strawberry syrup

    369. chocolate sauce

    370. Toffee Sauce

    371. Maple syrup

    372. Sugar and lemon!!

    373. butterscotch sauce

    374. Dipping mini pancakes in warm Nutella sounds yummy to me…

    375. dip them in cinnamon

    376. Peanut Butter for me!!

    377. Mashmallow Fluff!


    379. Strawberry jam

    380. I’m not sure I would have been able to sit down to brunch AFTER making friends with some of the ingredients, as you did, but I do think it makes a difference when meat (or any produce, for that matter) is locally sourced and from a farmer who takes care of his animals (or crops) responsibly.

    381. Firstly congratulations to all the winners at the Great Taste Awards. It’s fantastic to see what we’ve always known, that Welsh food is excellent and can hold its head high on the UK-scene.

      That said I do think the demise of True Taste is simply Alun Davies completely missing the point. Yes it’s great to market Welsh food to the world and have big, fancy stands at international trade shows but that is only beneficial to the big guys. Who is promoting the cottage industries of Wales? Those small producers, running their businesses from home, selling locally and building up a loyal fanbase of online customers. Who is promoting them? Or are they simply not commercial enough for the Welsh Government to bother with?

      I look forward to seeing what Food and Drink Wales has to offer besides an unimaginative name.

    382. First, thanks for naming of all the winners, including us. As pretty much a one woman operation, it’s a challenge, as you know, to get your name noticed and Great Taste really helps us little guys. Hopefully WAG can pull it together and offer up something similar, but I’m not holding my breath.

    383. Great to read about the success of fantastic Welsh producers on a National Scale – we are amazing!The Great Taste process has been very slick & well organised. Although the loss of True Taste is hugely disappointing, these guys definitely know what they’re doing, somehow I’m not so sure that Alun does x

    384. Apple, walnut & stilton.

    385. Date & Walnut

    386. Amaretto and Orange Zest

    387. Ginger and orange would be nice

    388. Cheese.

    389. Pecan nuts & Caramel

    390. peanut butter welsh cakes

    391. Cranberry with white chocolate

    392. Sorry Lynsey we already do White Chocolate + Cranberry checkout our web site

    393. Cinnamon and apple

    394. Date and sultana.

    395. Cranberries and pecan nuts – very Christmassy!

    396. Cinnamon would be lovely.

    397. Pecan nuts and Caramel…Please

    398. Orange and cardamom

    399. Lemon and lime


    401. my suggestion for a new flavour would be;
      lavender and honey

    402. Coffee and walnut

    403. White Chocolate and Hazelnut

    404. Rum and raisin 🙂

    405. Just love my plain my aunty in Wales use to make these for me when a child

    406. Hi Claire. Check out our website. You can order homemade welshcakes just like mamgu’s x

    407. Chocolate orange 🙂

    408. Hi We already do Chocolate + Orange check out our Web site

    409. How about Honeycomb?

    410. cinnamon and sultana

    411. Ginger and raisin

    412. Cakes by post – My favorite

      I would love chilli and chocolate

    413. wild fig and vanilla

    414. Hmmm, I’d love to try rosemary and lemon Welsh cakes!

    415. rum and raisin

    416. Cranberry and white chocolate

    417. Cherry and almond

    418. Chocolate chip and raisin

    419. Welsh cakes are lovely – I make White Chocolate and dried cranberry ones at Christmas rather than mince pies and they are amazing.

    420. Sultana and Lemom

    421. Blueberry and apple.

    422. Cherry

    423. Ginger

    424. I’d love to try cinnamon, honey and raison 🙂

    425. raspberry and almond

    426. chocolate

    427. New flavour blueberry.

      I would like to try the chocolate and orange, sounds yummy.

    428. Hi Linda They are very yummy and very popular. Check out our website for our other flavours


    430. Lemon and sultana

    431. lemon flavor

    432. Fig and date 🙂

    433. white chocolate and cranberry! simply scrummy x

    434. Leek! Ok just joking – my best friend is Welsh and would kill me for that one! How about cream cheese and Maple syrup

    435. Lemon and ginger

    436. Hmmm, how about gooseberry and rosemary (have made a crumble with this and it works really well!)

    437. Cheese and Port

    438. Pecan & Maple Syrup

    439. Chocolate and Mint

    440. apple & cheddar

    441. A savory option would be good – cheese and black pepper maybe


    443. Cherry and Amaretto

    444. Coriander and lime would be light and tangy.

    445. Cinnamon and chocolate chip. Mmmmmmmm lovely. Xx

    446. White Chocolate, Raisin and Cranberry

    447. Apple and blackberry

    448. How about spicy fig?

    449. Oooh, date and walnut!

    450. APPLE AND CINNAMON My favourite combination.

    451. Whilst I would love to try some of these amazing variations, I love the originals ones more. Just the smell of them reminds me of summers with my grandmother as she used to make them for me.

    452. Hi Sarah. I know what you mean. The smell just takes me way back. Check out our website for other flavour too…all by post

    453. I think rhubarb and chocolate sounds fabulous 🙂

    454. Apricot and Sultana

    455. Cinnamon and honey x

    456. Rhubarb and Custard

    457. Original please!

    458. Orange and cranberry… Perfect for Christmas.

    459. christmas mince pie flavour

    460. Original why try to improve on perfection!!

    461. pumpkin and mixed spices would be lovely

    462. chocolate chips & orange

    463. Hi Sarah we already do Chocolate + Orange check out our web site. Regards JL

    464. Hi Sarah, We already do Chocolate + Orange check out our web site

    465. Lemon juice and zest to make them zingy

    466. raspberry & chocolate chip

    467. banana and walnut

    468. rhubarb and strawberry

    469. Lemon & Strawberry – I love Welsh cakes, I do!

    470. My gran puts jam in them

    471. Ginger

    472. Apple and walnut sounds divine.

    473. chocolate and orange

    474. Hi Victoria, WE already do Chocolate + Orange have another go. Check out our web site

    475. apple and blackberry with cinnamon

    476. blueberry and lemon

    477. Apple and nutmeg.

    478. peanut butter and chocolate spread

    479. white chocolate and rum

    480. Cinnamon & Apple.or Banana & Apple

    481. Cinnamon, cranberry and orange zest.

    482. almond

    483. I love making cherry and almond scones, so this would be a perfect flavour for me.

    484. chocolate

    485. Hi Carol, Its only one entry – we do Traditional, Butterscoth + Fudge, Coconut + Milk Choclate, Chocolate + Orange and Cranberry + White Chocolate at the moment which of your flavour suggestions do you want to put through ? Checkout our web site Good Luck Regards JL

    486. peanut

    487. lemon

    488. chocolate and orange

    489. apple

    490. marmalade

    491. cherry

    492. syrup

    493. bacon

    494. cheese and onion

    495. rasberry

    496. banana

    497. choc chip

    498. raisin

    499. melon

    500. pineapple

    501. peach

    502. oat

    503. mixed fruit

    504. mixed spice for xmas

    505. spice mixed for xmas

    506. carrot

    507. pear

    508. Chocolate Orange would be perfect for christmas!

    509. Hi Check out our website. We do Chocolate and orange. They are very popular. x

    510. butter split

    511. cream split

    512. blue berry

    513. Apple and walnuts

    514. Treacle toffee, walnut and sunflower seeds

    515. Toffee and raisin

    516. star anise orange and cranberry

    517. cinnamon and apple

    518. Apple and maple syrup 🙂

    519. Cardamon and orange zest

    520. Chocolate Cherry

    521. welsh cheese and leek would make a tasty savoury version

    522. Bacon & maple syrup

    523. Bannana and custard

    524. Apple and Cinnamon

    525. For a Christmassy flavour, how about brandy butter flavoured?

    526. Orange and Cinnamon ones were my most recent effort, they were yummy but you cannot beat a welsh cake made by someone who knows what they are doing (unlike me)

    527. Glad you had a go making welshcakes. I’m sure they were great. Maybe we should organise a welshcake making workshop!

    528. white chocolate and raspberry

    529. Lemon

    530. Banana

    531. Maple pecan

    532. cinnamon and cranberry

    533. Honey & Cinnamon

    534. Walnut and maple syrup

    535. Zesty orange and cinnamon flavour would be perfect for Christmas 🙂

    536. Dark Chocolate & Pistachio

    537. Chocolate chip and hazelnuts

    538. Cherry and almond

    539. Coffee and Pecan would be amazing

    540. cinnamon & apple

    541. Lemon and sunflower seed

    542. coconut and milk chocolate are my fav

    543. Check out our website. We do Coconut and chocolate. They are the most popular flavour after traditional.

    544. Carp and Sand-Lizard

    545. Well, I’ve tried welsh cakes with raspberry jam in the middle before and they were AMAZING, so I’d like to see them come in all kinds of fruity flavours! Blackcurrant would be amazing!

    546. rhubarb and ginger!

    547. Ginger and Dark Chocolate

    548. I would love to try a coconut and lime welsh cake

    549. Thanks for your interest. We do coconut and chocolate which are very popular. Lime would be interesting.

    550. Strawberry and Chocolate yum yum

    551. dried fig and dried blueberry

    552. Lemon and white chocolate chip

    553. I wonder if a Bara Brith Welsh Cake would work? I love the idea of a fusion of two of Wales most famous foods.
      Basically a Welsh Cake with dried fruit and orange zest, dipped in tea then cooked.
      I would love to try that.

    554. Honey and Lemon

    555. we want splits………….lemon curd

    556. splits lemon curd

    557. toffee

    558. dark chocolate chip

    559. cranberry and white chocolate wowza!

    560. Hi K, We already do Coconut + Chocolate check out our web site and have another go. Regards JL

    561. Bannoffee

    562. Mocha

    563. I would like to see apple and cinnamon Welsh Cakes as a new flavour

    564. Orange and Ginger please

    565. lemon and walnut

    566. I’m all for a savory flavour so Stilton and Walnut

    567. Cinammon and orange 🙂

    568. Cranberry with nuts or white choc

    569. Honey, almond, chocolate & vanilla

    570. maple bacon yum yum

    571. Cinnamon and Chocolate!

    572. Chocolate 🙂

    573. Goat’s Cheese and Sun Dried Tomato

    574. Zingy Lemon and Vanilla

    575. Chocolate and coconut

    576. Hi Liz, we already do Coconut + Chocolate have another go and checkout our web site

    577. Caramelized Onion and crispy bacon.

    578. curry x

    579. date and maple syrup

    580. cinnemon and sultana.

    581. Rhubarb and Ginger

    582. Orange zest and apricot would be delicious x


    584. Goats cheese and caramelised onion

    585. apple and cinnamon

    586. Welsh cheese and chives as I prefer savoury.

    587. either Banoffee Pie, or Caramel with white chocolate 🙂

    588. marzipan

    589. Liquorice and pernod

    590. Chocolate and ginger

    591. strawberry and white chocolate

    592. Hazelnut and Choc

    593. Lemon verbina and cranberry

    594. Bacon and Caramel is winning combination!

    595. quince and honey

    596. Coconut

    597. passionfruit sounds good to me xx

    598. Blackberry

    599. I would love to see rose and white chocolate welshcakes, yum

    600. banana and cinnamon 🙂

    601. How about something Christmassy like cinnamon and orange peel?

    602. Honey and walnut

    603. White Chocolate and Strawberry 🙂

    604. Apple,Cinnamon & walnut

    605. lemon and lime and ginger

    606. welsh stilton apple and pickle

    607. Mince pie – just in time for Christmas!

    608. Blueberry and white chocolate

    609. cheese and onion

    610. corned beef

    611. tined corned beef

    612. Swansea seaweed

    613. seaweed from swansea

    614. potato

    615. garlic

    616. salmon

    617. multi grain

    618. wholemeal

    619. cranberry

    620. tin corned beef

    621. spam

    622. butter

    623. Ginger and orange would be nice

    624. Rasberry cheesecake

    625. Pendryn Whisky and ginger ( I love traditional Welsh Cakes though )

    626. Apple and Cinnamon

    627. honeycomb

    628. Carrot, spice, (cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg) and walnut

    629. How about Citrus flavour? Orange,Lemon,Lime & Grapefruit.

    630. I bet custard and apple would be yummy.

    631. cranberry, special for Christmas.
      I don’t think you’ll beat original though!

    632. cinnamon, cranberry and white chocolate yummy

    633. Chocolate orange

    634. something citrussy, lemon or orange perhaps

    635. Juicy Apricot & Saltana Flavour

    636. raspberry and white chocolate

    637. Date and walnut………mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    638. mmm golden syrup ones 🙂

    639. Would it be possible to do a boozy welsh cake?
      There is Welsh vodka and Welsh gin available – and maybe a Baileys one!!! 😉

    640. chocolate orange

    641. toffee

    642. Cinnamon and orange

    643. orange and almond

    644. Welsh honey and almond.

    645. Cheddar & marmite

    646. almond

    647. Apricot and Almond

    648. Mmmm Vanillla and Butterscotch

    649. coffee and walnut

    650. Cherry and almond

    651. salted caramel

    652. Caramel, cinnamon and apple! With love, Faye xx

    653. Rum and Raisin please

    654. Salted caramel

    655. banana and toffee

    656. Pear, pecan and cinnamon

    657. Pistachio

    658. Wye Valley Lavender

    659. Date and Walnut 🙂

    660. Lavender and Earl Gray

    661. An apple crumble flavour would work really well 🙂

    662. Apple and Cinnamon 🙂

    663. I absolutely adore Welsh Cakes, my gran used to make them for me all the time! I would love to see a chocolate chip Welsh Cake, to satisfy the chocoholic in me!

    664. Cheese a strong flavour cheese

    665. Orange

    666. apple , cinnamon and raison

    667. Apple & Cinnamon

    668. Cherry and Amaretto

    669. lemon and ginger


    671. apple and cranberry

    672. Peanut butter

    673. In Turkey we used to have Cinnamon Sugar with pancakes for breakfast.

      For a new welshcake flavour, apple & sultanna and instead of them being sprinkled with ordinary sugar after cooking, would use cinnamon sugar.

    674. I think coconut would be tasty.

    675. Spiced apple and cinnamon – yum for Xmas!

    676. Traditionally welsh cakes should be leek or daffodil flavour.

    677. I’d like to try Mint flavoured welshcakes.

    678. Ones with nuts in like walnuts, hazelnuts or pecans would be delicious and add a nice crunch

    679. lemon and chocolate

    680. nutmeg

    681. sherry

    682. port and stilton

    683. mulled wine

    684. champagne

    685. coffee

    686. malt

    687. sugar and spice

    688. grape

    689. sweet potato

    690. dundee

    691. topping of dundee

    692. cheese and leek

    693. Date and walnut

    694. leek and chedder

    695. split of leek and cheese

    696. apricot

    697. split of choc buttons

    698. butter iceing

    699. pink iceing

    700. white icing

    701. red white blue stripe icing

    702. hundreds and thousands topping

    703. Wales wrote in red icing on top

    704. coconut

    705. split with chocolate in the middle

    706. icing of chocolate

    707. Caerphilly Cheese and Penderyn Whisky

    708. Welsh wild honey with a dash of Welsh whisky

    709. Hey Mark, I recall a different kind of food exchange. When Carol was in Israel she had me bring over salt fish. The stuff stunk up my luggage for days.

      When I was living in Munich I went to an English language movie theater. German theaters are quite hospitable, having a coffee shop in the lobby. My kids had just visited and brought over my fav snack: fig newtons. So I sat in the lobby and shared a table with someone while I enjoyed my newtons and a cappuccino. That someone stared at my newtons with a longing that shouted, “FIG NEWTONS!! Holy sh!t, I haven’t had them in years. God, I wish I were home.” Of course I shared and I swear she started crying.

    710. Once again Carol – I am truly happy you’ve enjoyed it so much!
      And hope it really brightened your day 🙂

      It is actually a real fun to receive something (as my parcel came from Greece) but I was more thrilled while gathering all the goods for you – it’s an exercise that requires great piece of imagination! 🙂

      Wish your November parcel to smell as nice as upcoming Christmas time… 😉

    711. […] I tried Sea Island’s Geisha Coffee a while back I discovered I needed an extra scoop, that is certainly not the case with the […]

    712. Is this whole bean or did it come ground? What was the brew method? Water temp? Grind? Bean-heads need to know!!!

    713. Hi. It came ground so I brewed in my cafetiere (french press). Boiled water and then left for a few moments so I’d guess about 95c from past experience. Drunk straight, no milk or sugar.

    714. […] the Corpulent Capers Blog: So we’ve all heard of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee, haven’t we? Traditionally grown at […]

    715. I have need for a decent beer. In short supply in local pubs 🙁

    716. too expensive to drink out, love to win for a great beer in

    717. What a lovely parcel, and how cool that you could send some old favourites from Wales! Vanessa sure sent you some classic Greek treats, what a delight.

    718. British Company that excludes North of Scotland in its comps VERY POOR…it is still UK mainland!!! Shameful!

    719. Otley are a small micro brewery that is based in South Wales and predominately serves its local area. They do not offer a mail order service and so don’t have a national delivery network. The cost of delivery to Northern Scotland is thus prohibitive for them. I know a lot of other organisations face the same issue, but the courier services impose additional charges to deliver to these areas sorry.

    720. Absolutely Love It.

    721. what a treat that would be

    722. […] take our word for it: Corpulent Capers Wales Online Trip […]

    723. […] heard about Foodie Penpals from fellow Cardiff food blogger Babettes Ffest. Originally started in the US and brought to the UK by blogger This Is Rock Salt, Foodie Penpals is […]

    724. That is such good value. Looks amazing!

    725. […] with goodies such as their large Dutch Pancakes, their Diddy Dutch Pancakes (see our blog post here), curds and jams from The English Provender Co and Green & Black chocolate (contents of hamper […]

    726. lovely HAPPY PANCAKE DAY

    727. Wonderful competition, Happy Pancake Day xx

    728. […] broke the news here that Marriott Hotels were piloting a partnership with Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s River Cottage […]

    729. I love the sound of the foraging day out. I’ve always wanted to forage but it’s not something I’d feel comfortable enough to do alone so I’d love to do that as a group. Your new venture sounds great! Best of luck to you both.

    730. Your new venture sounds wonderful. What a great idea! I may well join you in some foraging but, in the meantime, wish you both all the very best with Food Adventure.

    731. Congratulations to both of you! Maybe one day we can get a group together from The Bahamas to go on a Food Adventure!

    732. what a scrumptious delectable adventure indeed !
      Heartiest(& may i say now hungriest) congratulations….

    733. […] in terms of flavour and value for money (something the Laguna seems to be pretty good at if their Chef’s Table is anything to go by).  In fact I’d suggest that you skip lunch if you’re planning on […]

    734. Treating the Mr to this next weekend for his birthday – very much looking forward to it after reading this.

      (Rookie error though – always, *always* eat the Yorkshire first!)

    735. Yeah I know, I wasn’t thinking my brain just said eat the cold fish things first! I’m sure you guys will enjoy.

    736. […] Felin Fach Griffin love to throw a party and they throw great parties! We went to their festival Hiraeth and had a great […]

    737. 201! Wow! Also, what great idea for a series of posts!

    738. 1994 was 20 years ago! That aside, great start to what I hope will be a long and successful series of posts! X

    739. Thanks Steve, times flies …… 😉 We’ve amended that!

    740. I probably know some of these books but will look forward to reading your posts. Seems like you and Mark are having the time of your life!

    741. Ah, two of my favourite chefs, Pierre and Henry! 🙂

    742. One must allow time to sip! Can’t wait! What will we cook?

    743. So much to be said for relaxing and taking 30 minutes instead of going frantic to get it done in 10! That’s the best lesson here. I also like the sound of the creme fraiche and tarragon.

    744. Sour cream and chives

    745. Yummy giveaway, #fingerscrossed

    746. Cream cheese & cucumber 🙂

    747. This looks like a must have! I have preserving book that I love as it is sectioned into months so you know what to do with what is currently in season. I love the sound of the other sections of this book such as the forgotten cuts of meat. I’ll have to get this!

    748. Greek yogurt and fresh straberries

    749. Nutella spread & Banana slices

    750. Completely agree – I bought this before I did my first Christmas lunch and have used it every year ever since!

    751. great site

    752. Sound delicious, new to the site, going to have a good nose around.

    753. Thanks, Hope you like what you find!

    754. co-operative

    755. Love Fairtrade!

    756. Fairtrade is awesome!

    757. thank you so much can’t wait to give these a try

    758. I was about to send a complaint to McVities regarding their digestive packaging when I came across your page. This problem has been bugging me for some time but I keep getting told I am the grumpy old man with too much time on his hands.
      Your absolutely correct on all your comments. Everything I wanted to say is there and I feel a heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders.
      Nuff said off for cup of tea and some broken digestives.

    759. Well I wrote to Mcvities about the change of taste. The digestives just are not the same to me… little crunch and less taste. They acknowledged. I now buy Lidls.

    760. I heartily agree about the packaging. But I have a strong suspicion the recipe has changed again. Two other afficionados I know reckon the same. First, I’m sure it’s less salty than it was. Second, it’s harder, more ‘snappy’. The flavour seems less intense in a harder biscuit. Whatever McVities claim, I don’t believe it’s the same biscuit!

    761. Hi Peter,

      I must admit I was so miffed I’ve hardly bought them since they changed the packaging. So I can’t comment on the recipe. Next time I’m in the biscuit aisle I might be tempted to grab a pack and do a taste test.



    762. Well I am unhappy with both the taste and the new packaging!!! This biscuit is definitely not like it used to be, it’s smaller, thinner, crisper and less tasty, won’t be buying anymore, and packaging is terrible now, I couldn’t open it, then it ripped halfway down the packet……why can’t things be left alone!!!!! Also kit Kats not same anymore!!!!!