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RDF Television
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RDF Television are looking for keen reviewers who have commented on an array of independent businesses over the last year or two. Businesses that perhaps they weren’t 100% happy with, had written constructive criticism about online and would be willing to go back and review the business again to see if anything had changed.

The basic gist is that each programme on the series will focus on one particular business, whether that be a café, shop, restaurant, hotels, visitor attraction etc. We will meet with the business and then meet with 2 to 4 reviewers who have been to the business and posted a less favorable review on a website or blog. The business is revisited and then with the help of our well known and very well respected business trouble shooter both sides of the story are looked at and assessed.

RDF assure me that this is absolutely not a make-over, expose or name and shame programme. They are looking for good quality businesses who care about online reviews. At the same time they are looking for keen reviewers who believe in the power of this relatively new concept of being able to submit ideas, suggestions and thoughts online.They are hoping it will be a very interesting series looking at all angles of online reviews and the people at both ends of it.

They say:-

Do you have strong opinions?

Have you reviewed a business online that you weren’t 100% happy with?

Whether it be a hotel you have stayed at, a coffee shop or visitor attraction you have visited, a local shop, pub or restaurant?

Would you be interested in revisiting that business to see if there’s been an improvement?

RDF Television is making a new TV series looking at businesses coming under criticism and examining both sides of the story.

Please email online.reviewers@rdftelevision.com telling us briefly who you are, what business you reviewed and where.

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