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Rustic Indian Sauces

Rustic Indian – Authentic and healthy curry bases in four mouth-watering varieties

Rustic Indian is a new range of four fresh, chilled Punjabi spice blend bases for home cooking, using the finest blends of authentic ingredients and traditional Punjabi recipes prepared from scratch.

Forget the gloopy, bland, preservative-packed jars of ready-made curry sauces which currently saturate the supermarkets: Rustic Indian promises to revolutionise this category with nutritious, healthy sauces, chilled to keep their fresh flavour intact for your kitchen.

Rustic Indian is the brainchild of Vini and Bal Aujla, husband and wife team and self-confessed food-nuts. The couple first bonded over a love of food and their shared passion for authentic, delicious flavours of the Punjab region. They remain committed to making family recipes passed down to Vini through generations in small batches, by hand, with the finest, freshest ingredients and love.

Rustic Indian provides a deeply flavoured, richly spiced foundation for classic curry recipes. The sauces are also a versatile base for global culinary inspiration: whether stirred into soups, a seasoning for stews or casseroles, a marinade for meat, an accompaniment to meatballs, a topping for toast or a sandwich filling, Rustic Indian always delivers a full and punchy, authentic Punjabi flavour.

All four sauces are vegetarian and gluten-free with absolutely no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, incorporating ingredients such as rapeseed oil, which is traditionally used throughout India and contains healthy Omegas 3, 6 & 9 and essential fatty acids.

The Rustic Indian range includes four mouth-watering cook-in sauce varieties (£3.99 RRP):


Meaning “royal”, Shahi is the most decadent and creamy of the Rustic Indian range: mildly spiced, indulgent and sophisticated. Subtle, fragrant spices including coriander, cardamoms and bay leaves combine in a gentle, silky sauce perfect for marinating salmon steaks or a classic ‘Palak Paneer’ with cubes of paneer cheese and baby spinach.


Jeera, or “cumin”, is integral to Punjabi cooking with its distinctive aroma and warm, earthy, smoky taste. Rustic Indian Jeera sauce is a celebration of cumin, expertly toasted and spiced with medium hotness.

Wonderful with lamb or to jazz up a chicken & mushroom pie.


Meaning “seasoned”, Tharka is the traditional base for many classic North Indian dishes. Rustic Indian Tharka sauce has medium levels of heat, allowing the heady flavours of fenugreek, black cardamoms and cloves to come through. Excellent with seafood or in a classic ‘Tharka Daal’ with lentils.

Fiery Mirchi

Mirchi means “chilli” and Rustic Indian’s Fiery Mirchi is the most potent of the Rustic Indian range, guaranteed to stimulate your palate. The heat is balanced and the flavours rounded by a complex blend of fragrant spices. Makes a brilliant butter chicken and can give an interesting edge to lasagne.

About Vini & Bal

Co-Founder Vini started young in the kitchen, helping her mother and grandmother grind fresh spices with a pestle and mortar.

Soon after marrying, Vini and Bal realised that the delicious Punjabi food that they grew up enjoying was not readily available in the UK market.

Despite working in comfortable city jobs (Vini worked on private investments at RIT Capital), they decided to take the plunge and create a range of spice bases to allow everyone to enjoy authentic, home cooked flavours – without spending hours in the kitchen.

Vini said: “The inspiration for Rustic Indian came when we first realised how different the perception of Indian food was to the reality. It was impossible to find anything resembling authentic, fresh Punjabi home cooking in restaurants or shops.

“We began cooking our families’ beloved recipes in large batches to share with friends and colleagues and had a phenomenal response, which inspired us to take the leap of faith and create Rustic Indian.”

Bal said: “Vini and I never take any shortcuts when we prepare our Rustic Indian sauces from scratch, just like our mothers and grandmothers. This means when it gets to your kitchen, all the hard work is done and just final flourishes are needed to create your favourite recipe.”

More information about Rustic Indian

From every Rustic Indian sauce sold, 5p will be donated to Magic Bus  to support their mission to take a million children in poverty-stricken communities in India from childhood to livelihood using the unifying medium of sport.


Rustic Indian sauces are available nationwide via 120 Budgens stores.

Partridges of Sloane Square stock the full range of sauces.

Planet Organic & Wholefoods will be stocking the Rustic Indian sauces from Jan 2013.

Find Them Online

Website (www.rusticindian.com)

Facebook (www.facebook.com/RusticIndian)

Twitter (https://twitter.com/rusticindians)


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