Mar 17

Occasionally we receive a new product to sample. Recently we received 3 different Tomato Purées from Sainsbury: Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Italian Cherry Tomato Purée with Basil, Italian Tomato Purée with Garlic, and Italian Tomato Purée with Chilli.

Sainsbury's Tomato Purées

Sainsbury’s Tomato Purées

To my taste, the Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Italian Cherry Tomato Purée with Basil was the star of the show! The tomato flavour is bright and fruity which is then enhanced by the fresh aromatic basil flavour. The next time I make my home made tomato basil soup, I will add in some of this tomato purée to enhance the flavour.

The tomato purée with garlic and tomato purée with chilli are good standard tomato purées that will add a very subtle hint of either chilli of garlic to your casseroles and stews. I used the tomato purée with garlic in a lamb casserole. There was no overpowering taste of garlic. Of  course you can always add your normal amount of garlic and chilli to your dish and use these purées to boost the flavour.

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